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When Commercial Glass Gets Scratched, Is Glass Resurfacing A Viable Option?

Modern commercial construction has led to increasingly larger tempered glass panels, whether it’s long glass curtain walls, glass facades or large glass doors that slide into the wall (pocket doors or sliding glass walls). Glass, steel, and concrete are the three main components of modern construction. Additionally, modern homes enjoy a more spacious feel and a pleasing view. This is accomplished by larger windows, larger sliding doors, and glass that disappears into the wall for a more opened feel. Many commercial properties are now “mixed use”, combining retail space on the lower levels with residential on the higher levels. The ground floor may include commercial storefront glass, such as large tempered panels to display products and services.

Common Issues with Commercial Glass Repair

Light scratches everywhere with medium to heavy scratches in between. This is the description we hear repeatedly from contractors and construction project managers. Unfortunately, when you combine concrete, large commercial glass, and steel, something’s gotta give. Usually for the sake of time, post construction window cleaners have little choice but to use 4″ or 6″ razors to scrape these large tempered glass panels of construction debris. One glass resurfacing project we recently completed left some kind of commercial glass product, a protective film, on the glass for way too long and had no choice but to aggressively scrape the glass clean. Unfortunately they ended up with glass completely scratched from top to bottom, and side to side.

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Why Unscratch the Surface, Inc Is The Leader In Large Scale, Wide Spread, Glass Resurfacing

When we first developed glass restoration, most of the jobs amounted to a few square feet of glass graffiti or an isolated scratch. After we started making a name for ourselves, we began to get calls for larger pieces of glass to work on. It soon became apparent that entire panels of tempered glass, sliding doors or commercial glass, needed to be completely resurfaced to adequately restore the glass to like new. However, a high end condo project we were working on in Chicago had this type of widespread scratched glass issue. Everything seemed to be going fine on the first day. However, only when the sun began filtering through the trees, we saw it! Haze! What looked fine in certain light showed haze and swirls in filtered light and then artificial light. It was then the “meticulous perfectionist” sprung to life! What worked fine for smaller projects was not effective for large tempered glass resurfacing. Almost at the point of giving up, I tried something out of sheer desperation! A little change in polishing materials and technique and the problem was solved. Flawless glass resurfacing was born! No haze, no swirls, no distortion, even when resurfacing large commercial glass panels and even under the most critical lighting conditions.

If your punch list includes scratched large glass panels, widespread scratching of glass curtain walls, or any commercial glass surface issues, don’t pull your hair out yet! Chances are excellent that Unscratch the Surface, Inc can knock that problem right off your list. Problem solved!  Give us a call so we can put your mind at ease!