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  • Pacific View Mall - Ventura, CA

    Ongoing. Rapid response glass graffiti removal. Removed within 48 hours of call. Keeps additional glass graffiti from popping up.

  • Enkeboll Design - Carson, CA

    4×10 7/8 thick glass conference table with triple bevel. Very expensive and very heavy. Glass scratches covered majority of the table. Resurfaced entire table. Came out like new! A beautiful glass restoration project!

  • Denver Hyatt Regency - Denver, CO

    6 windows repaired in 1 day saving the hotel $6,000.00 over replacement. No Distortion guaranteed and delivered!

  • Centex Homes

    Developments: Valle Vista, Traditions, River Oaks, Broad St Projects, Construction Scratched Glass repairs.

  • Shea Homes Trilogy - Nipomo, CA

    Construction scratched glass repairs.

  • Euro Sleep Works - Berkeley, CA

    Acid Etched windows repaired and Anti Graffiti film applied.

  • Palace Grill - State street – Santa Barbara, CA

    Very large (10′×6′) Glass graffiti etched windows and Anti Graffiti film applied. (This place has great food!).

  • Morro Bay High School - Morro Bay, CA

    Cratched glass graffiti repairs.

  • Mammoth Professional Building - Chandler

    These (185) tempered and very dark tinted windows with deep glass scratch removal, were repaired without distortion in just 10 days. Saved the contractor over $25,000.00 by not having to replace the glass.

  • Corner View Restaurant and Bar

    San Luis Obispo, CA – (4) Scratched Glass Graffiti windows repaired.

  • Intercontinental Hotel - San Francisco, CA

    A deep chip 0.0019 (nineteen thousandths) in their main entrance laminated glass revolving door of curved scratched glass. Management could not tell repaired glass from original when finished.

  • Los Osos Middle School - Los Osos, CA

    Scratched Glass Graffiti Windows and Doors and Anti Graffiti Film.

  • Getty Villa - Pacific Palisades, CA

    4000 sf. concrete scratched glass removal. 13 ft glass tempered laminated walls. Glass scratches removed, glass resurfaced repaired flawlessly. Morley Builders

  • Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO

    Large windows and glass doors with scratched glass graffiti . We saved the Convention Center over $30,000.00 over replacement cost.

  • North Creek Tower Residences - Denver, CO

    Large tempered windows with construction scratched glass damage. Glass restoration project completed in less than 8 days.

  • Los Angeles Harbor College - San Pedro, CA

    28 foot high tempered glass curtain wall. Scratched glass repair. Another fabrication debris damage resurfacing job.

  • Terranea Resort - Palos Verdes, CA

    Tempered French door glass scratched from sandpaper during prep. All have stunning ocean views. Distortion was not an option. Glass restoration project accomplished. Saved contractor $47,500.00 over replacing all the scratched glass.

  • Hornblower Cruises - San Francisco, CA

    When rust inhibiting acid was accidentally splashed on a number of windows, the glass became etched, cloudy, and hazy. Although work had to be performed on a suspended platform, Unscratch The Surface was still able to produce excellent results with this unique marine glass restoration!

  • Terry Goebel, GW Associates - Brentwood/Los Angeles, CA

    “Unscratch the Surface has the only process of repairing glass scratch damage that leaves no distortion that I know of, or have ever seen or heard about. There is no question that Unscratch The Surface has the ability to literally save a construction job that is suffering glass scratch damage problems. Not only can they produce their “magic” at a fraction of the cost of replacement, but the time saving value is really a vital part of their service. I can sincerely recommend Unscratch The Surface without reservation. If you have a problem with scratched glass damage, no matter the uniqueness of the glass with damage, or the quantity of glass to be repaired without any distortion, Unscratch the Surface is definitely the one you need to call on.”

  • Beth Hansen, President - Mallcraft Inc., Altadena, CA

    “We had an extremely difficult glass scratch repair job at our construction school site which required the repair of a scratched tempered glass curtain wall of 35 panels. The job had to be done on off hours of school time and weekends and also needed to pass a stringent inspection of the repair due to the front entrance location. We were very happy with the quality of the work performed by Unscratch The Surface and highly recommend them for glass repair work.”

  • Leanna Dolan-Jones, Engineering Department - Denver, CO

    “We were completely and pleasantly surprised at the work that Unscratch The Surface did at our Hyatt Regency Hotel. The type of work that we received was top quality and everything that we had hoped for. The glass repair work was a fraction of the cost of replacement and you could not tell a new glass from a repaired one. We definitely and wholeheartedly recommend Unscratch The Surface for glass repair work.”

  • Rick Brown - Carlsbad, California

    “Unscratch The Surface literally saved thousands of dollars by repairing 8 very expensive tempered French doors on our new custom home, that had been damaged in the construction process. I was completely astonished at the results. I could hardly believe it after seeing the results. Truly amazing work. I would recommend Unscratch The Surface to anyone with a scratched glass problem.”

  • George Manley, Den-Mark Specialty Construction, Inc. - Tempe, Arizona

    “When Unscratch The Surface was called out to perform the glass scratch repair, there were glazers, consultants, superintendents and owners that were skeptical as to whether the glass scratches could be removed without distortion of the glass surface. Everyone was astounded to the results. Unscratch the Surface’s method of glass scratch removal was as cost effective as the results were clear. The scratches were gone. The cost of the removal of scratches verses the cost of replacement of glass, about 1 to 6 in savings. You would have to be a glass manufacturer or an installer to notice where the work was performed. Should the need for removal of glass scratches ever come up again, Unscratch The Surface will get the call.”

  • Nick Kerley, Fisch Properties, LP - Beverly Hills. California

    “Unscratch The Surface’s glass scratch repair was absolutely the finest work imaginable on our property. When they finished I immediately recommended their glass repair services to several other property management firms here in Southern California. Truly craftsman in their trade.”

  • Gary Jupp, Chief Engineer, Able Engineering

    “In my 20 years of commercial building operation and maintenance, I have seen many attempts to remove scratches from glass, and graffiti from glass and windows. I have to say that Unscratch The Surface has, by far done the best work I have seen, in removing glass scratches, and graffiti from glass. Unscratch the Surface’s work leaves no distortion or residual swirl or haze marks of the initial damage. I have recommended Unscratch The Surface to friends and colleagues alike.”

  • Tom Barnes, Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO

    “Thank you for the excellent glass graffiti scratch removal you completed at the Colorado Convention Center. At the beginning I was very skeptical. I had several companies come in and use a slurry machine, which left waves and distortion in the glass. I had also not seen the type of glass scratch removal you perform. When you came out to Colorado and completed the first pane of glass, I could not believe the quality of workmanship and the smooth result. Unscratch the Surface saved us the significant cost of replacing these windows. I had looked into replacing the glass due to the other vendors work leaving waves in the glass. Your short job completion time was also appreciated. We had over 50 panes of glass get vandalized and I had been told from other vendors it could take several weeks to months to take the scratches out of the glass. The work from Unscratch the Surface was done in just five days and the glass looked flawless. The glass looks like it had never been vandalized. You are a very courteous professional. I enjoyed working with you and Unscratch the Surface did a very good job, and I recommend your glass refinishing services for scratched glass.”

  • George Gauley, Image Productions - Los Angeles, California

    “Unscratch The Surface’s performance was simply first class, very professional in their approach and service, and their work irreplaceable! To me there is nothing else out there like Unscratch The Surface.”

  • Dental Building - Oxnard, CA

    Deeply etched glass graffiti windows. Results, no distortion, pristine view thru windows when restoration completed. Client elated at results.