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Scratched Glass Restoration Consulting

Restoration – verb; to bring back to or put back into a former or original state : RENEW.   With glass restoration, we are able to, not only remove all surface damage, but also restore glass back to it’s original state.

Consulting – verb : to consult an individual . Example ; they consulted with experts on the matter.  As an expert in glass restoration and experienced in overseeing and completion of large commercial construction projects, we consult with project managers and provide solutions to high volume scratched glass issues.

How the need for glass restoration consulting arose.  Recently, we were hired to resurface 2500 square feet (232 sq. meters) of badly scratched glass on a beautiful custom home in Heikendorf, Germany.  If another large commercial glass restoration project arose, we wouldn’t be able to help with it since we can only be in one place at a time. What if we were able to send one highly trained individual to each large scratched glass restoration project instead of an entire crew?  But also send all the required equipment and supplies needed to complete that project? Then, only use local labor from the areas immediately surrounding that project, preferably individuals already associated with the construction project? The good news is, we’re already doing it.

Why is Unscratch the Surface most qualified for glass restoration consulting?  Since we designed, developed, and have more experience with our innovative and cutting edge glass restoration equipment and process, nobody else is more capable to adequately train others to learn and become proficient in glass resurfacing.  We are able to draw upon our years of experience, trial and error, tips and shortcuts and help others get up to speed in an extremely short amount of time. There is no substitute for experience.

Questions about glass restoration consulting? With each successive glass consulting project, we become more proficient.  We recently completed 8500 sq. ft. (790 sq. meters) at Notre Dame football stadium.  This glass resurfacing project presented many obstacles which proved difficult for beginners.  However, we were able to adapt to the project, work with the strength of the workers, and had a successfully completed glass restoration project again.  One of the most important questions might be, will this save money compared to bringing in our own crew? The answer is, absolutely! On the Notre Dame project alone, we saved the contractor over $80,000.00 US compared to bringing in a crew of three.  We know you have options when it comes to your large commercial glass restoration project. We hope you will consider Unscratch the Surface when the need arises. With our experience, ability to teach, and adaptability to adjust to every scratched glass project, we can assure you we will deliver results, neatly, quickly, and more affordably than anyone!  “When Your View Matter – Call Unscratch the Surface!”