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Commercial Scratched Glass Restoration Project – Las Vegas, NV

When Las Vegas commercial glass gets scratched during the construction or cleaning process, the fastest solution is to resurface and restore it.

This commercial office building found their glass completely scratched after the post construction cleanup.  What proved challenging with this scratched glass project wasn’t just the Las Vegas heat, sun, or wind.  It was the fact that the glass scratches were all on the second floor glass.  When looking up into the blue tinted tempered glass, the scratches were extremely visible. Another glass restoration company attempted the repairs first but unfortunately left haze, swirls and distortion.  We got the call to try and salvage this scratched glass nightmare.

Initially, we attempted to resurface this glass during the hot Las Vegas days.  That didn’t last very long.  We decided to polish the glass at night when it cooled down to 95 degrees!  Polishing scratched glass with led lights helps to see the progress of the polishing step.  We actually got to the point where we could go from pre-polish to clear in one pass!  We had some success with this rapid polishing before but this was with our new polishing pads and new ultra pure cerium.  Polishing glass has never been faster.

If you have glass graffiti, tempered glass scratched from construction cleaning, or any other type of glass scratches, call Unscratch the Surface.  Our specialty and favorite is large commercial scratched glass projects.  No one is faster, neater, or better.  Guaranteed.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch The Surface!” 805-295-9020