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Marine Glass Renewal/Yacht Glass Restoration

Can yacht and marine glass also be affected by hard water stains and spots?  

Most people tend to think of hard water as only coming from ground water with high calcium or limestone content.  Some of the dissolved solids in seawater are, in order of concentration from highest to lowest, chloride, sodium, magnesium, sulfate, calcium, and potassium. When you combine sea water, rain water, warm air, rapid drying and glass, you have the perfect mix for spots and staining on your yacht and marine glass.

Salt water, hard water, calcium scale are not yacht glass friendly. In the marine industry, glass is under constant attack and prone to etching if sea spray is allowed to dry on glass surfaces. The chemicals in the water can actually chemically attack your boat glass if allowed to repeatedly dry and accumulate on the glass surface.  There are now many coatings that help reduce the hard water spotting but many yachts still may not be taking advantage of these.

What is the solution if your Yacht/Marine Glass has heavy etching from hard water or seawater scale?

Fortunately, the underlying surface is still either tempered or laminated glass.  Even if the spots or scale has etched into the glass, it can still be saved and resurfaced, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  While yacht and marine glass pose challenges not found while working on dry land, the glass can still be resurfaced to like new condition and saved from the landfill.  

We Repair Any Type Of Surface Damage To Glass

Why Choose Unscratch The Surface Inc, for Marine/Yacht Glass Restoration

We have restored numerous yachts and ship glass with excellent results and beautiful clarity. One incident involved a yacht windshield which the windshield wipers were left on all night, but it wasn’t raining!  The rubber had completely worn off and the wiper frames actually wore grooves into the glass! Not quite the same as hard water glass restoration but still fixable without leaving any discernible distortion, haze, or swirls.  Another yacht had been neglected and had 25 years of water spotting, especially on the windshields. Even though the spots came off rather quickly, the surface of the glass was etched badly. We were able to resurface it completely without the view being adversely affected at all.  You can find the pictures here (link). So, if your floating pride and joy has unsightly spots and etching on the glass, do not despair. Marine and yacht glass restoration or resurfacing is a valid option performed by Unscratch the Surface, Inc. “When your view matters. Call us”