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Glass has been used by man for centuries. Glass making goes back about 3600 years ago to ancient Mesopotamia. Flat glass or “float” glass is what most people associate with windows, sliding doors, and glass curtain walls today. Before the 1950’s, almost all glass had to be ground and polished, or resurfaced, if it was to be suitable for looking thru, known as the “polished plate process”. The float glass process, or Pilkington process changed this. A ribbon of molten glass was extruded onto a pool of molten tin to produce a thin, uniform, distortion free glass. Now, window glass was to become affordable and not a luxury anymore.

Glass has a brittle, semi crystalline structure. Therefore, the shape it cools into tends to be the shape it will remain. Have you ever broken a glass figurine or a window? What did you do with the broken glass? The only option was to discard it. It couldn’t be melted back together. Unfortunately, the same choices had to be applied to scratched and damaged glass windows as well. The process of grinding, polishing, and resurfacing glass required specialized machines, and was a painstakingly slow process. Additionally, the glass resurfacing or restoration had to be done at the glass polishing facility and was not a mobile or portable process.

Has the Restoration or Resurfacing Process of glass changed in the past one hundred years?

Well, they used silicon carbide or carborundum abrasives to resurface glass back then. Then they would polish the glass with felt and cerium oxide and lots of water to keep the glass cool to keep it from breaking. What are we using today? There are many abrasives that can “cut” glass and abrade the surface. However, the favorite choice of glass restoration experts is still silicon carbide! Felt is still widely used since it can absorb and maintain about 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet. So then, the “basic” glass restoration process hasn’t really changed that much. Has anything changed if your glass is scratched or must you still just dispose of it or is it possible to remove the scratches?

“When Your View Matters!” ™

Glass Restoration Reinvented

In 2004/2005, someone told us scratches in glass surfaces could not be removed quickly, if at all. They also informed us that if the glass scratch could be removed quickly, the unavoidable by product would be visual distortion of the glass.  We were also informed the only real option for scratched glass was to replace the glass. Being an engineer at heart, I became obsessed with finding a solution! We began trying all the tools, kits, and products that claimed to be able to restore scratched glass.

Here’s what we discovered. The faster ones left distortion in the scratched area and the ones that gave a better visual appearance were too slow to be cost effective. So we actually merged two systems which worked well for awhile. We started making our own silicon carbide sanding discs by hand with the right amount of cushioning to act as a sort of shock absorber, which reduced the number of gouges while resurfacing the glass. The polishing part used a high speed cerium polishing compound re-circulation system.  It worked well, as long as the solution didn’t get over 90 degrees. So we started using 30 gallon garbage cans filled with ice to maintain a optimum working temperature. Also, there had to be a continuous stream of water to lubricate the glass so the machine could be steadily moved around the glass. The water made things rather messy. We knew there had to be a better way!

Eventually, our glass restoration process evolved to the fastest, cleanest, best visual result, no distortion system in the world as we know it!  We even have a patent!

Why choose Unscratch the Surface, Inc for Glass Restoration and Glass Repair Services?

We know this process better than anyone because we developed it from the ground up.  We have more experience using these tools than pretty much anyone out there and we have the track record to prove it.  Since we invented this mobile glass scratch repair process, we are able to adapt it to almost any circumstances or situations.  We like to think of ourselves as “the meticulous perfectionists” of glass restoration. We are obsessed with quality over price and customer satisfaction over profits.  If you find yourself in need of a highly qualified and perfectionist oriented company in the field of glass restoration, please contact us now. You will be extremely satisfied with the results.  We guarantee it!