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Glass Restoration- Are excellent results with glass scratch repair even possible?

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When the subject of glass scratch repair comes up, most people think somewhere along the lines of the following:

  • “If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail (or your fingernail gets hung up in the scratch), it’s too deep to polish out.”
  • “Glass restoration will make the glass distorted and wavy looking.”
  • “My only real option is to replace the glass.”
  • “The scratches are mostly gone but now the glass looks hazy, lacks it’s original luster, and when I look up into the light, there are circular scratches and swirls everywhere!”

Most people think glass scratch removal is unattainable!  We’re here to tell you that near flawless glass scratch repair is very real and it’s here!

The bulleted statements above were all fairly accurate up until about 2005. Now, there are many new companies popping up that have acquired some ingenious new tools designed to remove scratches from glass. However, just as possessing even the finest golf clubs does not necessarily make one a great golfer, neither does a person with the best glass scratch removal equipment possess the skill to flawlessly remove scratches from your glass windows or doors, restoring your view to the outdoors. Here are five things to look for when seeking a glass restoration company.

1) How long have they been working on resurfacing glass? There is no substitute for time and experience. Always find the glass repair company with the most experience in the field. It’s one thing to go thru a day or two of training and quite another to have real “in the field” experience. So ask them how long have they been working on glass scratch removal. Every month, there is a new glass scratch company that makes numerous claims of performing jobs all over the world. Check their track record.  There is no substitute for experience and integrity.

2) Have they ever performed your specific type of glass restoration? There are many different types of glass, both in strength and hardness, tempered and annealed, laminated, etc. If they seem to be stressing that the glass might break or it may have some distortion, quickly send them on their way and do not let them “experiment on your expensive windows!

3) Ask them if you, the client can pick out the area to perform a demonstration of their work.  Some glass scratch removal companies will look for a few tricks to make their demo appear better than it really is. Make sure the area gets sun at about a 60 degree angle or else some overhead lighting above the scratched area. This will show up any incomplete polishing, a common problem with some glass restoration companies. Also, find the heaviest scratches to really see if they are worth hiring. And dismiss them if they tell you it’s impossible to remove scratches that are within an inch of the edge of the frame.

4) Does their website display actual pictures, proof that their company has actually worked on glass scratch removal projects before.  Some companies may post pictures of sliding doors, glass buildings or large glass conference tables, claiming they can flawlessly restore glass doors and windows, without leaving distortion, swirls or haze, yet, in reality, they have never performed this even one time! Sounds outrageous? Unfortunately, we’ve  seen it quite a few times.

5) Ask them if they can guarantee not only no distortion, but can they guarantee “no haze, no swirls and no distortion” under all lighting conditions and also from all angles. You never know when you may be looking out your window or from where so the glass scratch removal must be perfect from all possible views. Sadly many cannot deliver or will again make some excuses such as, “that’s the best that it’s going to look”. If you hear anything like these words, send them away, quickly! And please make sure they will guarantee to REPLACE the window if they cause noticeable distortion.  

There are other probing questions you can ask a glass scratch removal company but these are good to start with to determine if you truly have found a glass restoration service that will make your glass look like it did before it was ever scratched.  Truly, scratched glass surfaces can once again become flawless glass surfaces if you can find the right scratched glass service company!

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