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Glass Graffiti Removal - What Are Your Options in 2019?

Someone once said, “If graffiti changed anything, it would be legal!”  Most people think of spray painted graffiti on buildings, walls, signs, bridges, trains and buses.  However, we’re going to consider a relatively newer form of graffiti. We’re referring to scratched or acid etched graffiti on glass surfaces.  This is fitting that scratched glass graffiti is so called. The term graffiti originates from the Italian term graffito which literally means “a scratch”. Graffiti or graffito was actually found on the walls in the city of Vesuvius, Italy from around 79 AD so it’s not new.  We have a theory on why graffiti made the jump from primarily painted graffiti to glass graffiti. Targeted cities became proficient with graffiti abatement. Graffiti artists searched for a more permanent medium to leave their mark on. Glass obviously became their target.

What type of glass surfaces are being targeted in 2019?

Commercial storefront glass, tempered and annealed. glass mirrors in restrooms, elevators, glass doors, anything made of glass!  Glass is easily accessible and the act of tagging or scratching doesn’t take long. Graffiti on glass is unsightly and isn’t good for businesses.  People associate some types of graffiti with gangs and may avoid businesses with this type of damage. Since the glass graffiti rate of occurrence doesn’t seem to be abating, can anything be done if I find my property’s glass affected?

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There are graffiti scratches on my glass! What are my options?

Option number one, do nothing!  Commercial glass is expensive!  Some businesses cannot absorb the cost to replace the glass so they will leave it.  The downside of this is it will invariably attract more graffiti. The most expensive option if you have glass graffiti, is replacement.  Up until around 2005, replacement was your only option. What if you’ve replaced the scratched glass and the following day, it gets scratched again?  You’re forced to replace the glass…again! This can significantly diminish the profits of any store, restaurant or office.

Third option, Glass Graffiti removal the glass to like new for a fraction of the replacement cost!   Most imagine there is some type of filler or resin required to fill glass scratch damage.  Did you know glass grinding and polishing has been available to restore glass for over one hundred years?  It is possible to remove scratches utilizing modern glass restoration techniques. It requires the best glass repair equipment along with expertise in glass restoration.  In most cases, fixing the glass is not only a fraction of the cost of replacement but also faster. On average, removing scratched or acid graffiti from a typical storefront glass takes about 90 minutes, start to finish.   The average restoration cost per panel is $175.00. Now that you’re aware of glass graffiti removal, why would you ever want to replace scratched glass?

Protection from future attacks

3M manufactures a clear anti graffiti film for glass panels that actually resists penetration of typical glass graffiti tools.  This is a sacrificial film to protect the glass from damage. The film will take the brunt of the damage but the glass will be spared.  This way, only the film is replaced, sparing the property owner the expense of restoring the glass a second time. Most property managers feel this is a worthwhile investment since it adequately protects their glass from glass graffiti attacks.

Unscratch the Surface, Inc. offers both of these glass restoration services throughout  Southern California, and beyond.  Contact us for a free quote.  Please have window sizes, type of glass (tempered, annealed, or laminated), along with a few pictures of the glass in need of restoration.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”