Glass and Its Environment – A Look at Different Types of Glass and Which is Right for Your Needs

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Glass and Its Environment – A Look at Different Types of Glass and Which is Right for Your Needs

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When looking out of our windows, we often take for granted the type of glass we are peering through. It is not simply a one note product. Glass comes in many different types and depending on the type of business or the building application, will determine which type is best for you. There is a lot to know and if you are building a business or a home, here is some of what you need to know.

Float Glass

The most common type of glass is known as float glass. It is produced as a large ribbon of molten glass is extruded across a pool of molten tin. The resulting sheet is a smooth, clear piece of glass ideal for storefronts, windows, curtain walls, or any glass applications. Thicknesses can range from 2mm to 20mm.

Tempered Glass

When standard, or annealed glass is broken, it breaks into large shards that can be very dangerous. Tempered glass is made to withstand a blow without creating large, hazardous shards. Its strength comes from a thin layer of tension, tempered within the glass that causes the glass to fracture into small pieces when the glass is broken. It is ideal for storefronts, but also can be used in skylights, marine glass, and automobile glass where strength is needed and large shards would cause harm. Typically, shower glass is always tempered.

Laminated Glass

Certain businesses require more strength in the building structure, also called safety glass. This includes stadiums, elevators, glass flooring, etc. These structures often use laminated glass for its high strength properties. Laminated glass utilizes a series of clear glass and acrylic layers. Its layering affect assists with strength as well as UV protection, and soundproofing. Laminated glass is, unsurprisingly, significantly heavier than standard glass.

Coated Glass

Glass can become stained and lose its luster over time due to water spots, or hard water stains, but with extra clean glass, panels are designed to maintain their new appearance much longer. Extra clean glass goes through a process that gives it two distinct properties Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic to ward off stains and hard water spots. It can be a great solution for those with windows, high rise glass buildings, or glass storefronts where regular cleaning is difficult.

Tinted Glass

Commonly used in vehicles, tinted glass is standard glass with a tint mixed into the glass. More and more buildings, however are using tinted glass as a style option for their company and also as a way to save energy.

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