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Annealed, Tempered (Safety), Laminated, Dual pane, Single pane, Hurricane Impact glass, Mirrors, Tables — most any glass surface. Ask us about Exterior Reflective Glass Restoration.

While we don’t make it a habit of measuring deep scratches anymore, we can say that depth of damage has never been an issue. If there is sufficient area to “feather out” the damage, we can remove the scratches without any discernible distortion.

We offer several guarantees. We guarantee we can repair most any scratched or damaged glass (excluding some extreme welding damage) without affecting your view, our “No-Distortion Guarantee.” We also guarantee that we can repair any size of glass, regardless of the scope of damage. Unscratch the Surface will do a complete resurfacing of large windows, if necessary. Expect a savings of at least 50% of replacement cost, considerably more savings with larger glass repair projects. We guarantee that NO ONE will beat us in speed of repair, neatness of repair, cost of repair, or visual quality of repair. Lastly, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the final result!

This varies from job to job. However, we guarantee that no other glass restoration company can restore scratched glass faster than we do. We have an open challenge to any and all other glass restoration companies who say they can. A deeply scratched glass graffiti job will take longer than a resurfacing job of the same size. We’d say a good average sized scratched glass graffiti removal takes 2 hours and less. However, when it comes to resurfacing glass, we have resurfaced glass at a rate of between 75-150 square feet per man, per day. The variation comes from size of the actual glass. Smaller glass size = more edges = slower pace. Larger windows allow us to “fly through” the resurfacing process. Still, 150 sq. ft. per man per day equals approximately “7” windows sized 3’x 7’ (approximately 20 sq. ft. each).

Average price for a Scratched Glass Graffiti repair is around $150.00 This is not set in stone, but that is a fairly average cost. When it comes to resurfacing, it can be anywhere from $10.00 – $25.00 sq. ft. There are many variables that influence cost, such as depth and severity of damage, lighting, accessibility, location and type of glass. However, we are ALWAYS going to be significantly less than replacement of the scratched glass. And no other company can equal our quality, neatness or proficiency in complete glass resurfacing.

If it’s an out of town job, we only charge for our expenses plus $750.00.

Our process does not use any running water. One by-product is some minimal dust, which we contain to the immediate area. We do not use any type of slurry or paste, which splatters everywhere with other systems. As mentioned above, we have the neatest process, guaranteed!

Absolutely! Although, in 8 years of business, we have never had a single claim!

Absolutely not. While many other glass repair companies will leave haze, distortion and/or swirls, especially visible in early morning, late afternoon sunlight, or glass with overhead lighting, we leave nothing but clear, pristine, high quality premium glass.

Never. We prefer to work on the glass while it is securely in place. Never does it need to be removed.

If necessary, right up to the edge. Most of the time, it isn’t required but it’s nice to know we can do it if needed. Most of the time, we only need to remove scratches to about 1/2-inch to the edge without any difficulty.

Generally, we like to save builders, contractors, property managers at least 50% over replacing the glass. Quite often though, we save well over 50%. For one high-profile job, an Ann Taylor store in Santa Barbara, Unscratch the Surface saved the company 91% over replacement! The glass and labor would have cost right around $5,000.00. We fixed the deep scratched graffiti for $400.00.

We want our customers and clients to really get a good feeling when we’re done. One of the ways we can guarantee this is by saving them A LOT of money. Often times, we resurface the glass for around 25% of replacement cost. Other companies, because of having a process that is about 3-4X SLOWER than ours, have no choice but to charge significantly more than we do. On some jobs, we have charged half as much as others, finished the job in one quarter of the time, thereby making double what the other company was bidding the jobs for. As of 10-14-2013, we have still NEVER lost a job to ANY other competitor or any other glass fix scratch removal company!

No, it’s actually quite the opposite. When removing a deep scratch (somewhat like a score line), you are removing the glass’s weakest spot. Glass resurfacing, such as from window cleaning scratches, we are actually only removing between 1 or 2 thousandths of an inch from the overall surface area.