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Expert Assistance and Training on Glass Resurfacing Projects

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When you find yourself requiring glass restoration (widespread glass scratches  on tempered safety or laminated glass), no one has more experience than Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  Whether you find large glass graffiti removal project or thousands of square feet of scratched glass on some commercial building, they have been at it the longest.  And since U.T.S. has developed the tools for the scratched glass restoration process, they are able to adapt and adjust as the situation presents itself.  All glass repair jobs are not always the same.  Some differences may be things like, glass type, tempered, annealed, or laminated, proximity of scratches to the frame, access, amount or iron in glass or other additives in glass, accessibility to the scratched glass surface, how deep the scratches are, what is the sun exposure and view through the glass, and so on. 

All these factors have a direct bearing on how to address the scratched glass restoration   project. Removing glass graffiti without distortion, swirls, or haze from a laundromat window may not be as critical as flawlessly resurfacing 6’x10′ windows overlooking Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California that also happen to have a sunny exposure most of the day. Let’s be honest, if the glass never gets direct sunlight, is surrounded by trees, or has no overhead lighting, it does not have to be perfect. Since we started the glass restoration revolution in 2005 when we were collaborating with GlassRenu, there have been hundreds of new glass restoration companies that have joined the scratched glass repair game. Most have developed their skills using the tools we designed 5 years ago.

Their proficiency has almost always been in regard to the most obvious and least sensitive when it comes to flawless scratch removal, glass graffiti damage. However, just as the amateur golfer will not see any significant improvement in his score even if he has the same equipment as the pro’s, so goes the skill of the vast majority of glass restoration technicians out in the field today.

This is supported by something we have been experiencing more often in the past 18 months. We have been receiving calls from other scratched glass repair companies to
either assist them or just subcontract the jobs from them. The reason being, that the jobs they had been contacted on were either too large or required flawless glass resurfacing (no swirls or haze) and they just weren’t able to accomplish the task at hand in a reasonable and affordable amount of time. On one occasion, we went to a Beverly Hills, CA hotel project that another company had already completed but upon inspection from the ground floor, many areas where scratches were removed from the glass, there was still much haze and swirls visible from the ground (of this eight story hotel). They had their best guy attempt to rectify the problem but after 2 days, he was unable to restore the glass to the satisfaction of the contractor. That’s when they called Unscratch The Surface.

We are now eager to offer assistance to others in the scratched glass restoration field. We have now gladly performed this service for 4 different southern California glass repair companies plus a few in other areas (Chicago, Illinois – San Jose, California and a few for “glass resurfacing” in Austin, Texas).

We have also been contacted to do a glass resurfacing job in Kiel, Germany – Panama City, Panama and also been contacted by companies in South Africa and Australia to train and license our technology. Seeing how this trend has been developing, we have decided to offer this assistance to all other glass scratch removal companies. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

In some cases, we have just sub contracted the jobs from other companies,
giving them basically a finders fee for referring the scratched glass resurfacing project to Unscratch the Surface. This seems to be the simplest, least complicated way to do it.

Since we are only involved in glass restoration and glass resurfacing, this is where we are always focused on improving. We don’t do window cleaning, like many other new to the game glass restoration companies. Therefore we have the time to really focus our energies to be the best and fastest at what we do best, scratched glass repair. We are constantly working on research and development. Since almost every glass scratch repair job is different or unique in it’s own way, experience in the scratched glass industry really does amount for quite a bit. This is why it’s so important to make sure when you find a company that makes claims about their work, that they also at least have some evidence to support their claims. This would explain why we have so many new companies copying pictures from our website and illegally posting them on their own, to appear as if they too have experience.

Some companies have actually gone as far as to post pictures with the founder of U.T.S., Rick Evans in the picture, without realizing he is the owner of the company! So if a company boasts of having years of glass restoration experience and yet doesn’t have any or very many pictures of their company actually working on a scratched glass project, beware! We have heard and read many bogus claims from many new glass restoration companies and some have actually admitted to not having done a single resurfacing job yet they claim that they can do it better, faster, and cheaper than us! If you’re one of those companies and you’re reading this, don’t take chances, just call us and we will help you get the damaged glass restored without you having to damage your reputation or lie to your customer.

We have more experience than any other glass restoration company out there. We have the glass restoration track record to prove it. We’re always developing better, faster, and neater ways to remove scratches from all glass surfaces, not just storefront windows or flat glass. Don’t miss out on easy money. Start collaborating with Unscratch the Surface, Inc. on all those large, high end scratched glass restoration projects. It’s a win-win for all involved.

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