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Become Specialized in Glass Restoration

Feb 2019 / wpadmin / 0 comments

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

This expression actually was meant as a compliment. However, nowadays, it has come to mean someone who may know many different skills but isn’t proficient at any of them! This is the angle we are going to examine glass restoration from. Categories of glass restoration include : Stained glass restoration, Beveled leaded crystal glass restoration, Glass table resurfacing, Classic car glass resurfacing, Glass graffiti removal from storefronts or mirrors, Exterior high rise glass polishing and hydrophobic coatings, Large glass panel resurfacing, High end unique glass panel restoration, Yacht glass restoration, or even acrylic glass restoration.

Each manner of glass restoration requires specific skills to become an expert. Stained glass requires matching colors and shapes plus a knowledge of soldering. Leaded crystal requires skill in beveling and polishing. Table resurfacing demands constant flatness throughout the entire process. Car glass requires being able to grind and polish both convex and concave glass surfaces. Glass graffiti removal demands being able to aggressively remove massive amounts of glass without overheating the glass while doing so in an even manner as to minimize any distortion. Exterior high rise glass restoration is demanding since you are not on a stable platform and are also subject to wind. (Our least favorite!) Large panel resurfacing requires even and uniform glass grinding and polishing or distortion will be extremely noticeable. High end glass resurfacing or restoration requires near perfect results with no room for error since the clients are expecting perfection. Yacht glass is difficult because of accessibility to the glass can be difficult. And acrylic usually requires different abrasive and polish and heat is much more of an issue than when working on glass.

We’ve noticed when most people get into the glass restoration trade, they want to do everything and anything they can to get the phone to ring. We were the same way. There is, however, no substitute for practice. When it comes to restoring scratched or damaged glass, you shouldn’t try to “fake it till you make it!” We have always had practice glass panels to develop our skills in trying unique glass restoration situations. Distortion in glass is a nasty problem to deal with. Once it’s there, you’re never going to get it perfect again. Once glass is distorted, it’s ruined. It’s important to understand cause and effect when it comes to glass restoration. What causes distortion, swirls, haze, hard edges, etc. Then develop habits to counteract those causes. Work at the basics and become excellent at those. Excel at simpler glass repairs before jumping into harder and more demanding repairs. Then focus on one area of glass restoration and get exceedingly good at it. Whatever you do, don’t become a “jack of all glass restoration trades and master of none!” If you have any questions regarding scratched glass repair or have a need for glass restoration services, don’t hesitate to contact or call 805-295-9020

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