With 14 years of glass restoration experience working for demanding clients, We know how to restore glass!

When it comes to widespread scratch damaged glass, Unscratch the Surface is the #1 choice to save your glass. In business since 2005, we have been actively restoring large glass panels, glass curtain walls, high rise commercial glass, and custom glass projects longer than most. If you need your scratched glass issue to be resolved without replacing the glass, call Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  For fast, flawless and the best glass resurfacing results possible.

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Our Glass Restoration Services

We Repair Any Type Of Surface Damage To Glass.

“Since we invented the process many try to duplicate, we have countless advantages when it comes to scratched glass restoration. Instead of using pre-made abrasive discs, we have consistently been able to adapt our abrasives and polishing products to optimize the speed of completion, as well as the quality in the glass resurfacing process.”

Glass Restoration & Glass Repair Services

Scratched glass resurfaced to like new.

Marine Glass Renewal/Yacht Glass Restoration

Hard-water, sea spray and etching damage removed and glass restored to like new.

Glass Graffiti Removal

Storefront glass can be saved from glass graffiti damage.

Widespread Scratched Glass Resurfacing

Don’t let anyone tell you glass restoration is impossible.

Classic Car Glass Restoration

Keep your original classic car glass original!  We can resurface and restore it like new again.

Metal Grinding and Welding Spatter Damage

We restore glass damaged from welding spatter and grinding damage.

About Us

Overview Company


High Volume / High Profile Scratched Glass Specialist

With over +100,000 sq. ft.(9290 sq. meters) of scratched glass already resurfaced and saved, we know how to get the big jobs done!


Inventor of our unique patented glass resurfacing process and founder of GlassRenu

Often imitated, never duplicated! Always stick with the original!

In Glass Restoration, Experience Matters

In business since 2005, Our 14+ years of experience completing large, commercial glass restoration projects and high profile projects and custom homes leads the pack.

The only “No Distortion Guarantee”

Which is why we can say, When your view matters – Call Unscratch the Surface! Don’t take chances with a million dollar view or expensive glass. Known as “The Meticulous Perfectionist” of glass restoration!


The Most Extensive Portfolio of Completed Glass Restoration Projects

Projects completed in 20+ states. (see completed projects map) In glass restoration, successfully completed projects speak volumes. Our clients have exacting standards when it comes to restoring scratched glass. “Just better” is never an option.


International Glass Restoration expert

Completed Scratched Glass projects in 4 countries, US – Canada – Germany – Mexico! (as of 2-2019) Experienced in completing international glass restoration projects.

The Only Scratched Glass Restoration Consultant

We know of no other company offering this unique, money saving glass restoration service. Keep more money in your local economy. We “Send One and It Gets Done!”

Glass Repair Solutions

Our patent-pending technology allows Unscratch the Surface to successfully repair scratched glass as a result of careless window cleaning, vandalism, fabricating debris, and other environmental factor.

Restoring and resurfacing scratched glass in Los Angeles, Southern California and across the country since 2005, Unscratch the Surface has grown since its inception and continues to set trends in glass repair technology.

We are natural problem-solvers and proud industry leaders, developing our own tools and processes. We are the original “scratched glass repair experts”. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Unscratch the Surface – the only “No-Distortion Guarantee”. As a pioneer in the scratched glass industry, Unscratch the Surface understands the nature of glass and has developed the most effective ways to restore scratched glass. Our skilled technicians accurately access the damage and will resurface your damaged glass in a clean and timely fashion. When it comes to glass scratch removal, glass resurfacing, and scratched glass repair, we are the industry leader and glass restoration experts. “When your view matters, call Unscratch The Surface!”


Hornblower Cruises – San Francisco, CA

When rust inhibiting acid was accidentally splashed on a number of windows, the glass became etched, cloudy, and hazy. Although work had to be performed on a suspended platform, Unscratch The Surface was still able to produce excellent results with this unique marine glass restoration!

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About Us Our Company


sq. ft. Scratched Glass Resurfaced

570 feet (57 stories)

Highest Glass Scratch Repair Performed to Date


Years Performing Glass Restoration


Scratched Glass Repair Patent

Trusted Clients

We have worked with some great clients worldwide.

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