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When it comes to large glass restoration (widespread glass scratches usually on tempered glass), no one has more experience than Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  Whether its large glass graffiti removal jobs or thousands of square feet of scratched glass on some commercial building, they have been at it the longest.  And since UTS has developed the tools for this glass restoration process, they are able to adapt and adjust as the situation presents itself.  All scratched glass repair jobs are not always the same.  Some factors are glass type, tempered, annealed, or laminated, amount or iron in glass or other additives in glass, accessibility to the scratched glass surface, how close the scratches are to the edge, what is the exposure and view of the glass, and so on.  All these factors have a direct bearing on how to attack the scratched glass restoration project.  Removing glass graffiti from a laundromat window may not be as critical as resurfacing 6’x10′ windows overlooking Balboa Island in Newport Beach that also happen to have a sunny exposure most of the day.  Let’s be honest, if the glass never gets direct sunlight or has no overhead lighting, it does not have to be perfect.

Qualified for Glass Restoration Assistance

Since we started the glass restoration revolution in 2005 when we were working with GlassRenu,  there have been hundreds of new glass restoration companies that have joined the scratched glass repair game.  Most have developed their skills in regard to the most obvious and least sensitive when it comes to flawless scratch removal, glass graffiti damage.

Scratched glass restoration graffiti

Scratched Glass Restoration – Diamond Scratches

However, just as the amateur golfer will not see any significant improvement in his score even if he has the same equipment as the pro’s, so goes the skill of the vast majority of glass restoration technicians out in the field today.  This is supported by something we have been experiencing more often in the past 6 months.  We have been receiving calls from other scratched glass repair companies to either assist them or just sub contract the jobs for them.  The reason being, that the jobs they had been contacted on were either too large or required flawless glass resurfacing and they just weren’t able to accomplish the task at hand in a reasonable and affordable amount of time.  On one occasion, we went to a hotel project that another company had already completed but upon inspection from the ground floor, many areas where scratches were removed from the glass, there was still much haze and swirls visible from the ground (of this eight story hotel).  They had their best guy attempt to rectify the problem but after 2 days, he was unable to restore the glass to the satisfaction of the contractor.  That’s when they called Unscratch The Surface.

We are glad to offer assistance to others in the scratched glass restoration field.  We have now gladly performed this service for 4 different southern California glass repair companies plus a few in other areas (Chicago, Illinois – San Jose, California – Austin, Texas).  We have been contacted to do a glass resurfacing job in Hamburg, Germany – Panama City, Panama and also been contacted by companies in South Africa and Australia to train and license our technology.  Seeing how this trend has been developing, we have decided to offer this assistance to all other glass scratch removal companies.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.  In some cases, we have just sub contracted the jobs from other companies, giving them basically a finders fee for referring the scratched glass resurfacing project to Unscratch the Surface.  This seems to be the simplest, least complicated way to do it.

Lamborghini Glass Restoration

Scratched Glass Restoration Lamborghini Side Glass

Since we are only involved in glass restoration, this is where we are always focused on improving.  We don’t do window cleaning, like many other recent glass restoration companies.  Therefore we have the time to really focus our energies to be the best and fastest at what we do best, scratched glass repair.  Since almost every glass scratch repair job is different or unique in it’s own way, experience in the scratched glass industry really does amount for quite a bit.  This is why it’s so important to make sure when you find a company that makes claims about their work, that they also at least have some evidence to support their claims.  This would explain why we have so many new companies copying pictures from our website and illegally posting them on their own, to appear as if they too have experience.  So if a company boasts of having years of glass restoration experience and yet doesn’t have any or very many pictures of their company actually working on a scratched glass project, beware!  We have heard and read many bogus claims from many new glass restoration companies and some have actually admitted to not having done a single glass restoration job yet they claim that they can do it better, faster, and cheaper than us!  If you’re one of those companies and you’re reading this, don’t take chances, just call us and we will help you get the damaged glass restored without you having to damage your reputation or lie to your customer.

We have more experience than any other glass restoration company out there.  We have the track record to prove it.  We’re always developing better, faster, and neater ways to remove scratches from all glass surfaces, not just storefront windows or flat glass.  Don’t miss out on easy money. Start collaborating with Unscratch the Surface, Inc. on all those large, high end glass restoration projects.  It’s a win-win for all involved.

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”

888-986-7272 or in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego or anywhere in California or the U.S.

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Further Glass Resurfacing Developments – Unscratch The Surface Inc

Further Glass Resurfacing Improvements Developed

When we developed scratched glass repair, it was not designed for glass resurfacing of large windows and doors.  However, in a short amount of time, we started seeing that the need for complete glass resurfacing  was necessary for larger glass windows and doors.  The products we had originally developed (and sold) up to that point would tend to leave swirls and haze pretty much all over the areas we had worked on since those tools were only designed for isolated scratches and graffiti scratches but definitely confined to a finite area.   It wasn’t until we took over a project for a window cleaner turned glass resurfacing company in Chicago, IL after he gave up on resurfacing the 8′ x 8′ windows after he noticed the windows were still covered with swirls and haze, but especially was the haziness and swirls noticeable once the afternoon sun came around to those windows.  So it was on this job that we actually discovered the steps and secrets involved in flawless glass resurfacing.

Since then we have consistently improved this proprietary glass resurfacing process in both speed and quality. It seems that almost every other glass resurfacing project we find ourselves on, we discover some aspect of the glass restoration process that can be improved in some way.  Having a background in Biology and Chemistry certainly helps.  Whenever polishing scratched glass with any kind of cerium oxide based polishing compounds, there are chemical and physical properties involved.  Many have noticed that, after a few days to a few weeks after glass has been polished with any kind of cerium oxide, a haze will reappear on the glass.  It can be removed by thoroughly cleaning the glass with an aggressive non scratching pad but still may appear for awhile. This is from the chemical reaction that continues to occur with the cerium oxide and the silica in the glass.  We have now discovered a way to neutralize the chemical reaction as soon as we have completed the polishing process, thereby eliminating the recurring haze that all others invariably do see when they complete their polishing. Part of this haze is also due to the fact that most others are polishing on a speed too low to get a highly polished finish on a glass surface that has had it’s surface molecules ripped apart.  Anyone understanding the polishing process would know that abraded glass must be polished on a higher speed so the glass molecules can actually be “slid” back together, thereby giving the glass it’s sheen and reducing any future haze from returning.  If someone leaves swirls and visible haze upon completion, further haze is guaranteed to soon return.

We have recently developed some new improvements to a hand held machine polishing glass resurfacing system.  The improvements have led to a significant decrease in glass resurfacing and scratch removal rates.  For example, our test window was tempered and completely scratched.  The size was approximately 3′ x 6′ or 18 sq. ft.   One man was able to remove all the glass scratches and completely polish on high speed until the glass was actually quite slippery and smooth within 35 minutes, or about .5 sq. ft/ minute!  That equates to about 30 sq. ft. per hour with one person doing all the glass resurfacing steps involved.  Now with 2 people working together, the rate of glass scratch removal increases, not by 100% but by about 125-150%!  Truly a dramatic increase.

Now jobs that used to be a 2 man job have suddenly become a one man job, even though they involve complete window glass resurfacing.  Suddenly scratched glass repair has just become considerably easier.  Additionally one of the other scratched glass repair improvements involves the flatness of the finished glass resurfacing process.  Whereas in the past, we had noticed occasionally one of the newer guys would be able to get the scratched glass polished back to clear, it would have a certain “bumpy” appearance to it.  We also noticed this same appearance on other glass restoration jobs.  We solved this problem too with the advent of our new polishing pads and newest polishing formula.  Therefore, we look forward to perfectly restoring and resurfacing many more scratched glass windows and doors in the future, buy just in less time!  Ans as they say, “time is money” so we don’t have to charge nearly as much as the other scratched glass guys out there and still deliver a far superior result.  Please contact Unscratch the Surface Inc whenever you discover large areas of scratched glass on your large commercial construction project or your beautiful house with its amazing views.  We are one of the only companies capable of true glass resurfacing and flawlessly restoring your glass to a better than new condition in a fraction of the time the other guys will need to even get close to the quality we can deliver.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch The Surface Inc!”


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www.UnscratchTheSurface.comPress Release Los Angeles, CAPhone(888) 986-7272



Contact: Richard EvansPhone: (888) 986-7272 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE9 A.M. EDT, August 22, 2011


LOS ANGELES, CA, AUGUST 22, 2011:  Take advantage of scratched glass repair services from the #1 glass restoration company in the United States. Unscratch the Surface – glass restoration services has a proven track record of providing quality glass restoration at affordable prices. The company has invented a glass restoration process that outshines the competition in its ability to bring glass to perfection in less time and with less mess.

Unscratch the Surface – glass restoration services have been used by A-list celebrities with homes all over Beverly Hills, Fortune 500 CEO homes in Malibu and iconic buildings such as The Getty Villa, The Denver Convention Center and the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco. Glass restoration services include glass scratch removal and repair, graffiti removal and standard glass resurfacing + restoration. The company is able to fix scratched glass on everything from residential homes to commercial buildings to cruise ships and yachts. Restoration and repair services are also available for classic automobiles, furniture, curtain walls, shower enclosures and at luxury hotels. If there is a glass in need of repair, Unscratch the Surface is ready and able to bring it back to its original beauty.

Unscratch the Surface has performed glass scratch repair in New York, Boston, San Jose, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Based in sunny Southern California, services provided throughout the U.S. and abroad for large, commercial, or unique projects or homes. The company has been restoring and resurfacing glass since 2005. By being innovators in the field, Unscratch the Surface is able to provide the highest quality results to all of its consumers. The company has developed its own tools and cleaning process and offers a no-distortion guarantee on all completed work. When glass restoration is not completed properly there is likely to be distortion or haze in low light above the area that has been restored; the system developed by Unscratch the Surface ensures that the glass will be free of any defects.

Unscratch the Surface – glass restoration services offers a free consultation and price quote based on the specifics of the glass. The company will perform restoration on a variety of glass styles included tempered, annealed or laminated, flat or curved, dual or single pane and commercial, residential or storefront locations. For more information on the services offered by Unscratch the Surface, contact Richard Evans via email at or phone at (888) 986-7272.



Helpful Tips When Choosing a Professional Glass Restoration Company

Unscratch The Surface, Inc – Mobile Scratched Glass Repair | Glass Graffiti Removal + Restoration Company – Free Estimates (Los Angeles, CA) + Nationwide Service

March 3, 2011 – Established in 2005 as a construction glass scratch repair side business. However, we soon quickly grew after we continued to develop our tools and process and became faster, neater and reduced any distortion from minimal to none on certain resurfacing jobs, glass graffiti removal, depending on severity of damage.  Now, the only dust free scratched glass repair service in the Los Angeles, Ca area.  Protect yourself, family and co-workers from silicosis causing airborne glass dust.  Most new glass restoration companies are using dry grinding systems which create extremely harmful glass dust which does cause cancer and silicosis.  Make sure they are going to perform the scratched glass repairs completely dustless or dust free.  You do not want to be exposed to this glass dust. Even diamond scratched graffiti damage can have an acceptable amount of minor distortion if done properly. Anyone who claims they can do deep graffiti removal repairs without any distortion is stretching the truth. Most repairs that we have examined from other “scratched glass repair” experts have many flaws. Here are a few things to look for when examining your scratched glass repair to make sure you got a good job :

  • When examining a completed glass scratch repair, especially complete glass resurfacing jobs, make sure you look up into the repaired area when there is adequate sunlight. You will most likely notice a criss crossed pattern of fine scratches. Other systems rarely spend the time needed to remove these nor do their methods remove these in a timely manner. They are caused either from the grinding process or most likely from the “pre-polish” phase which was either done too long or too fast. You also will probably notice haze and cloudiness. This is especially important if the glass is in your home.
  • Distortion will be more apparent in glass graffiti removal jobs. To check for distortion, look thru the glass at about a 45 degree angle. If you can see waviness at a 45 degree angle, it’s not a very good repair. If you see waviness of distortion looking straight through the glass, well, it’s pretty much a terrible repair.  Your glass is basically ruined. The original scratches in your glass would have been less visible from 20 feet than the waviness and distortion would be.
  • If your windows gets afternoon, early morning sun, or filtered sunlight, check the repairs in this type of lighting. This lighting shows up haze and swirls especially well. This is especially bad if this is a home that needed window scratch removal. Many window scratch repair companies will show off their repairs in the best lighting, rarely direct or low in the sky lighting.  However, lighting changes thru the day. Make sure you check your windows for quality of repairs from different angles and under the previously mentioned lighting types.
  • Most companies will try and show that there is no distortion from less than 3 feet away. However, distortion is much more noticeable from 10+ feet away. Make sure to check your scratched glass repairs from a good distance away. Distortion in glass is a tricky thing to remove completely. It is virtually impossible to know if you’re looking at a high spot or a low spot. Usually the best thing that can be done at this point is to minimize the severity of the distortion. We say, better to not put distortion in the glass at all!

We have been doing this for over 5 years now. We actually enjoy it. We enjoy helping people utilizing a skill that was virtually unknown before we started fixing badly scratched glass back in 2005.  Before that, only very fine scratches were able to be removed from glass.  Even then, it was a slow, noisy, and tedious process.  Additionally, we don’t have to inflate the truth about what we can accomplish, or even about how many repairs we have completed, as one company we know of does. We have a commendable track record, many satisfied clients.  We have performed scratched glass repairs in some of the nicest homes I have ever had the pleasure to step foot in.  We have restored glass in windows that had breath taking views of the ocean in Laguna Beach, CA, the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, spectacular view of downtown Pittsburgh, PA, million dollar condos with views of the Chicago skyline, 25 year old hard water damaged yacht glass, 7000 sq. ft. complete glass resurfacing on a convention center in Biloxi, MS, and even complete glass restoration for high dollar classic cars (latest was a 2008 Lamborghini scratched windshield resurfacing) and just normal everyday scratched windows and glass doors for just very average people.
Therefore, if you find one scratch in one window (in Southern California!), call us.  We will give you a great result, friendly service, and at a fair price.  Some companies take advantage of the damaged glass situation and try to “gouge” customers since they know they basically have only two choices; leave the damaged glass or pay 50% of the replacement cost to repair it. We don’t condone this type of behavior. We have done some glass graffiti repairs that actually cost less than 5% of what it would have cost to replace the glass. The reasons we can be so affordable and competitively priced are the following. First of all, we make 95% of all the equipment we use. We are engineers at heart and have routinely figured out ways to perform scratched glass repair more and more quickly. Everyone else is just “using tools”. While the others are getting good at “using tools” we developed 5 years ago, we have been honing our skills and improving the process.  Whatever the situation calls for, we have adapted. If we’re working in a beautiful home, we can work extremely neatly. If the scratches are severe and deep, as in glass graffiti, we have tools now that allow us to grind the damage out evenly and much faster than anyone out there. Plus we have adjusted our polishing method also to be both faster and neater, which everyone seems to appreciate.
So, why are we writing this article? Honestly, it’s not for more exposure on the internet. We rank on page 1 of Google for over 100 keywords, top 5 for 50 of those.  We get plenty of traffic and plenty of business.  We’re currently in Houston, TX looking at a 6700 sq. ft. laminated glass curtain wall with lots and lots of scratches.  We came and did our demo at our own cost after the local company put significant distortion in about 9 sq. ft. of very expensive glass.  We’re not going to mention their name or the system they used because it doesn’t matter.  What matters is this.  We have seen a very disturbing trend over the last year or so.  Unfortunately, there really aren’t any internet “police” and people can say whatever they want. They can make claims that are untrue without any real recourse.  We have, more times than I can remember, (actually, about 12)  found pictures from jobs we have performed, displayed on other upstart companies website.

Anyway, we just want people to be educated about this process and to make smart decisions when it comes to scratched glass repair.  All scratched glass repair companies are not they same. Many, and I mean many, will make claims that they can do things they have only “read” about on the internet.  Make sure to speak to their references. Do a little extra homework. Make sure they actually have sufficient experience before you let anyone touch your glass. Check their references and get everything they promise in writing. Make sure you check their “demo” thoroughly. If their demo is sub par, what will the actual work look like? Because think about it, their demo is their best stuff!
We do hope this article will assist you and educate you in the relatively new field of scratched glass repair. We do offer advice on how fix some smaller jobs or even the occasional windshield scratch repair. Most of the car glass we repair is for high end classic car restorations. Feel free to call us if you have any other scratched glass questions. We’d love to help. We’re a small company that can handle big jobs all over the US and have the track record to support our claims. We haven’t lost that personal touch with our clients.  We remember that ultimately, we’re still dealing with people and we perform this service because we enjoy providing people in a tough situation an affordable way out of their predicament.  Plus we are able to provide for ourselves and our families in the process.  Thanks for taking the time to educate yourself on the subtleties of Scratched Glass Repair and Glass Restoration.  And of course, we do hope this article will assist you in your decision when choosing a professional glass restoration company.  Not all who claim they are “experts” actually are.

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”
Based in Los Angeles, CA – Free Estimates – Service Nationwide – Since 2005

What Really Makes an Effective Glass Scratch Remover?

Effective Scratched Glass Repair – What it takes

Scratched glass repair seems like a pretty straightforward concept : you have a damaged pane of glass, and you polish it, buff it, grind it, whatever.  Easy, right?  But have you ever stopped to consider how that last part might actually get done?   There are do-it-yourself websites across the Internet that will fill your head with myths about what really is an effective glass scratch remover with everything from baking soda and lemon juice to clear nail polish to red herring.  My personal favorite is using toothpaste to get scratches out of glass!  It might work to an extent but it would take a long, long time.  One thing we noticed a long time ago is that the longer you are grinding or even polishing a glass surface, the greater the chance of causing an uneven surface and distortion.  This is because even when polishing glass, you are still removing glass from the surface.  There are really only a few ways to fix scratched glass, and none of them deliver professional results and are not readily available to the average DIY- er.

Scratched glass

"When Your View Matters - Call Unscratch the Surface"

A scratch in glass can be looked at as a sudden change in the thickness of a pane of glass. If you want to fix the scratch, you have to even out that sudden change. You can do that by bringing the bottom of the scratch up to be even with the rest of the pane, or by grinding the rest of the pane down so that it’s at the same thickness as the bottom of the scratch.

The second method is the more common one, and it involves one of a variety of methods of grinding the glass. The most often seen is with a slurry machine, which creates a vacuum over the glass and then abrades it with particulate mixed in with fast-running cold water.  If the slurry gets over 95 degrees, the polishing effects are minimized greatly. Running water must lubricate the surface of the glass so this bulky machine can keep moving freely.  That’s not much of a problem if the damage is outdoors.  However, if you’re working in a custom home with beautiful hardwood floors, you can’t be allowing the wood to get soaked with the running water.  You better make sure you have plenty of large absorbent towels around!   The vacuum supposedly keeps out unwanted contaminants, the water keeps the glass and the abrasive from overheating due to friction, and the abrasive particulate slowly wears the glass down. thereby polishing it.  But at the same time, the glass particles and glass fines that are being removed enters into the slurry solution.  And additionally, this technology is bulky, loud, cumbersome and is 30 years old!  Would you want to be using a 30 year old tool when new and better tools have been developed?  This technology is like one of those old “eggbeater” drills!  Not something I would want to build a house with!  No significant changes in the glass restoration industry had been seen until about 5 years ago, spearheaded by Unscratch the Surface.

Problems with doing it that way include the huge mess it leaves behind and the fact that it’s virtually impossible to do it without leaving behind visible distortion in the glass.

The first method — bringing the bottom of the scratch up to the level of the top — is where the clear nail polish myth comes in. Fill up the scratch with that, they say, and you’re good.  Sounds good in theory except for one big problem.  The refractive index of nail polish and glass are completely different.  If you were to make a thick layer of clear nail polish alone, it would not be clear like glass.  It would appear wavy and uneven.  Also, this method, if it actually worked, would only work on very deep scratches in glass.  The reason for this is that shallow scratches don’t allow the nail polish any surface to “bite” into.  There’s no way it would stick in the scratch. Therefore, this method would not work on the most common type of scratching in glass, the scratches caused from fabricating debris , causing scratched tempered glass.  These tend to be light scratches covering a widespread surface and are mostly visible in light when the sun in low on the horizon or filtered through trees.

That’s why real professionals grind or abrade the damage out of  your glass.  This is done in an even, aggressive manner to assure uniformity.  Also, professionals utilize a rapid polishing method.  When they’re done, there’s no distortion because the glass has been resurfaced evenly.   Moreover, there’s none of the weakness if the deep scratches were to be left to remain, and none of the mess left behind by the slurry machine. It really is the best method of getting your glass scratches repaired.  Look for a company that has experience in resurfacing glass, and can do so without leaning any discernible distortion you’ll know you’re dealing with a real glass scratch remover!

Beyond Razorblades — Glass Graffiti Removal Done Right

Glass graffiti removal is, to put it bluntly, a pain in the butt. Whether the vandals in question have attacked your property’s windows with sharp rocks, spray paint, or even an glass etching acid, the result from your perspective is the same – you either have to live with a glaring flaw in your business’ frontage,  significantly damaging your professional image or pay a vast sum to get the glass replaced.  Or is it possible to find someone who can remove the graffiti from the glass without leaving behind obvious signs of having done so?  The vast majority of so called “glass experts”, still say this can’t be done.     By the way,  the after effect of bad glass scratch repair is called “distortion ” or “lensing”  (pronounced lenz – ing).

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

George Bernard Shaw

That last bit is harder than you might think. If you’re dealing with something simple like paint, you might be able to prevent flaws in the glass by tackling the problem with elbow grease, turpentine, and razor blades.   But if you’ve got scratched glass  or acid etched glass, the chances of anyone buffing or polishing it out without distortion are pretty slim — unless you call exactly the right people.

Those ‘right people’ — the ‘real’ glass graffiti removal and scratched glass repair experts — have an entirely different system of doing things that make traditional methods seem kind of silly.  Whereas the traditional methods involve either, many incremental steps, or the other method, bulky, cumbersome, loud machines, creating distortion and localized uneven areas in the surface of the glass.  The superior glass restoration system creates glass that is of a higher quality than it was when it came out of the factory.  This is because all the defects, such as when fabricating debris is present, are completely and permanently removed.  Whereas the traditional methods leave a huge mess behind and require as many hours of cleanup as they do to perform, the superior system creates a tiny bit of dust, and is completed in half the amount of time that the old ways required.  Additionally, the old glass scratch removers need many steps, and cost significantly more to complete a project than the latest glass restoration process.

So what is this amazing new system? Well, it’s proprietary, so you can’t get all of its secrets from me.   It’s classified!  “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you!”  But this much is true : There is nothing faster, neater that can turn badly scratched glass into premium glass, thereby restoring the most exquisite mountain or ocean view.   What’s also true is that the system was pioneered so recently that you can only find it at a few places in the country — one of which is Unscratch The Surface, Inc.  Now there are many others claiming to be able to replicate the results achieved by Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  However, we are the designers and developers of the process.  We understand what makes it tick.  Also, we have never been known to rest on our laurels, or anyone else’s laurels, for that matter.  We never stop making adjustments and improvements in our exclusive glass restoration process.  We are always a few steps of the competition.  This is why we are always performing the scratched glass repair jobs that have to be perfect.  Check our track record.  Call our clients.  You will not be disappointed.   The bottom line is this, when it comes to glass restoration, either glass graffiti repair, commercial scratched glass repair, scratched tempered glass, or even a glass conference table to resurface, there are none faster, neater, or able to restore damaged glass like Unscratch the Surface, Inc.

Located in sunny Southern California, they perform large, unique, high profile jobs throughout the U.S.  Construction professionals, contractors, architects and other glass companies and glass experts have come to realize the following to be true : “When your view matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”

Here is an amuzing, (maybe not to the guy who tried this on his Mercedes glass) picture.  The guy bought a DIY glass restoration/glass scratch removal kit.  These were the results!

Scratched Glass Repair Gone Very Wrong

DIY Scratched Glass Repair

3 Popular Glass Scratch Repair Myths Busted

     3 – Glass scratch repair myths busted!

When it comes to glass scratch repair, there’s a reason why there are experts and businesses that have devoted their lives to mastering the process. That reason, specifically, is that it’s a very easy process to screw up. Glass scratch repair and its close cousin, glass graffiti removal, are delicate and technical skills. Here are 3 common ways that someone who’s not a professional might turn the repair of your glass panes into a pain in your neck.

You Must Replace Those Scratched Windows
“If you can catch your fingernail on the scratch, it’s too deep to polish out”  FALSE!  Most well intentioned but ignorant glass shops will tell you to replace damaged glass that’s been scratched, but that’s an expensive proposition.  A skilled glass scratch repair man can come out and fix damaged glass without even moving it from it’s current position, generally at a cost around 1/3rd  ( but usually less!) of what it would cost to take it out and have it replaced.

Using a Polishing Slurry When It’s Not Necessary
“You must polish out scratches in glass using a machine that spins at 6000 rpm’s”  FALSE!  Ninety percent of all glass repair outfits use something called a slurry machine. A slurry based polishing machine uses running water with particulate in it to polish the  glass, and the results are a huge mess and lots of running water and glass with visible distortion in it. This technology is 30 years old and needs to be retired!  There are other processes out there that are faster, almost no mess, and guarantee zero distortion even when resurfacing large areas of glass.  (We should know because we invented the tools and process everyone is trying to imitate!)

glass scratch repair in store window

Diamond scratched glass is repairable with the right tools and the proper experience

glass scratch repair in lamborghini windshield

Scratched Glass Repair 2011 Lamborghini Newport Beach California

Glass scratch repair gone bad DIY

DIY Scratched Glass Repair


Filling In Damage

“You can just fill in the glass scratch with some glass scratch filler.”  FALSE!  However, one company says it’s possible to manipulate the glass molecules and make them migrate to the surface and magically fill in the scratch.   How do the molecules know when they are level with the surface?  Where do they come from?  It’s just silly to believe such a thing.   A deep scratch creates a weak spot in the glass.  Remove the scratch and restore parallel uniformity across the surface of the glass.  No clear nail polish or artificial resin is going to restore strength to your glass.  Therefore, when it’s all said and done, there really isn’t any durable, permanent glass scratch filler that can give a satisfactory repair.  When we refer to filling scratches in glass, we’re referring to both deep and light scratches, neither of which have normal clarity if filled with resin.  We are not, however, speaking about resin based sealers that we use on glass that has had scratches removed first and subsequently flawlessly re-polished.  Grinding and polishing is still the best way to restore scratched glass.

Call A Glass Repair Leader

A skilled glass scratch repair team can come in, properly resurface your damaged, scratched or stained windows, doors, tables, or car or yacht glass,  restoring the original clarity without leaving any haze, waviness or distortion.  When done properly, the glass is just a strong, clear, and flawless as the original — or more so.   If your glass restoration people can’t guarantee that, you ought to look for different glass people!  Check the rest of the website, call our satisfied customers, then give us a call.  You’ll be glass you did.  We’ll save you time, money, and headaches, plus, we’ll quickly, neatly and efficiently restore all your scratched glass to a pristine finish – guaranteed!

Remember, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”


Professional Glass Restoration – Now Faster, Neater + Clearer!

Can scratched glass be restored without haze, distortion, or swirls?

Glass Restoration — it’s something that nobody ever thinks about until it’s too late. Like getting to know your plumber or a decent defense attorney, if there’s not an immediate, pressing need it’ll never cross your mind. Unlike a plumber or a defense attorney, however, it’s not often that you find an outright scammer posing as a skilled window scratch repair expert. What you will find, however, are people who can repair your scratched glass — badly.

At a skilled scratched glass repair company, you’ll be able to talk to someone who can tell you how long a job will take, about what it will cost, and help you get those costs down. Depending on your circumstances — for example, if you have renter’s insurance or the damage was caused by an accident covered by your homeowner’s insurance — getting your glass repaired can actually be free!  You would have to first check with your insurance company and determine whether or not your deductible will come into play or can be waived.

Talk to the companies in your area and see which of them are willing to work with your insurance company. You’ll still have to do the primary haggling, but once your insurance company has admitted that the window needs fixing, it’s pretty easy to talk them into getting it repaired rather than replaced. After all, it saves them money! What insurance company doesn’t love that?

Meanwhile, you’re getting the damaged windows taken care of without ever having the windows removed. Without so much as a breeze making it into your home or business, a professional glass scratch repair company will come in and fix the glass right where it is. The process is pretty cool, too.

Make sure you are dealing with a glass restoration company that is willing to explain the process clearly and concisely.  What are the limitations of their glass repair service.  Will there be any discernible distortion?  Will they put that in writing?  What is their policy on breakage?  Do they have any job specific references to the type of glass repair job that you will require?  Is the process messy?  Approximately how long will your entire job take?  An educated consumer truly is the best consumer.

Hoping the view through your windows is bright, shiny and clear.  But, if it’s not, if you’ve got scratched glass, get on over to google and find a friendly, experienced, qualified glass scratch repair expert.  If you can’t think of what to search for click here.  We’ve taken care of everything!   It’s a site called “Let Me Google That For You”  – Have fun!

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Don’t Live With Scratched Glass : Repair It Easily

It happens all the time.  Some stucco or grout gets on the glass.  Someone innocently wipes it away, leaving a nice big scratch in the glass of your beautiful picture window.  Or perhaps your window cleaner has just scraped your windows clean of the sap, over-spray or other residue that was on your beautiful sliding doors.  Now, however, when the afternoon sun hits your glass doors, you notice fine, light scratches all over that glisten and sparkle in the sun.  When one of the foregoing or some other unhappy scratched glass incident occurs, you now yourself in the market for some professional scratched glass repair.  The temptation lingers : you could just leave it.   It’s probably pretty minor, or if it’s not minor, than you probably have to replace the whole kit and caboodle anyway.

Not so.  First, there’s no such thing as minor glass damage. Even a relatively small scratch threatens the structural integrity of a pane of glass by forming a weak spot that is more likely to break under pressure or impact.  Not to mention the perceptual damage that  glass scratches or acid graffiti on your glass can do to a business — if you can’t take care of your own front door or storefront, how will you take care of your customers?

Secondly, repairing scratched glass is much less expensive — usually by half or more — than replacing it. Getting a new tempered glass door can be a very pricey process — but when it comes to processes, the new and highly-effective process for repairing damaged glass is both quick and easy on the wallet.

So what is this miracle cure for your glass? Put simply, it’s a way of taking minute quantities of glass off of the window, ‘melting’ it down, and then spreading it over the damaged area. The glass settles into the grooves and abrasions of the damaged area and then ‘sets’, filling in the damage without leaving a trace — or a dangerous weak spot.

The process is quick, even if the damage covers a significant portion of your window. Most jobs — even big ones — can be handled in a timely manner. A talented glass scratch removal expert can restore or completely resurface about a hundred and twenty five square feet of glass surface per day — or more if the panes are nice and large, since there are fewer edges to fool with. The cost of resurfacing glass in such a manner runs from $10-$20/sq. foot depending on the type of glass, severity, accessibility and a few other factors.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Unscratch the Surface, Inc.

Scratch, Scratches, Scratched : Glass Restoration Professionals Can Handle It All

If you have a whole pane of glass, regardless of what kind of damage it’s taken, there’s a scratched glass repair expert out there who can fix your problem for less than it could cost to buy a new pane of glass. It doesn’t matter if your glass is tempered, laminated, ordinary, or old-timey with the distortions and the imperfections — if it’s a plane of transparent silicon dioxide, there’s someone out there who can make it clear and unscratched again.

The methods and techniques they may use to perform the repairs vary widely depending on what exactly the damage is and what kind of glass they’re working with, but there are other aspects of glass restoration professionals that should remain fairly constant. Specifically, any glass scratch repair expert should be able to provide you with a few things before they ever do any work for you: an explanation, an estimate, and a guarantee.

The explanation should be in language you can understand, and it should explain the job requirements to you. If you didn’t damage the glass yourself, the experts you hire should be able to identify whether it was caused by the glass manufacturer, the installer, or someone who damaged after it was successfully installed — all of which is critical to billing the responsible party.

The estimate should lay out how much time and money it will require to get the job done. Glass restoration shouldn’t ever take more than a few days — if it’s a really big job, your repair experts should be willing and able to assign multiple people to the task. Of course, it is an estimate, not a guaranteed price, but the best companies will warn you if they’re going to exceed their estimate.

The guarantee should be straightforward and clear: they get the job done and they leave you with perfectly clear, distortion-free glass (unless it was the old-timey stuff to begin with) — or they come back and do it again until it’s right.

Don’t be afraid to ask any glass restoration company you work with up front. They should offer you the trifecta — the explanation, the estimate, and the guarantee. In the business of glass restoration, that’s called transparency, and it’s what we do best.