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no need to replace that scratched glass. flawless glass scratch removal is here!


Before calling for your accurate estimate, please make sure you have the following information:

  • Who is responsible for the damage?  

  • Tempered, Annealed or Laminated

  • Dual pane (IG unit) or single

  • Frame type : Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl, No Frame

  • Butt joint or Mullion

  • Commercial, Residential, Storefront, etc.

  • Occupied or Vacant

  • Number of stories

  • Easily accessible

  • Interior or Exterior damage

  • Timeframe – How soon do you need the repairs completed?

  • Who will be responsible for payment?
  • Since we produce almost all of our supplies, we are able to keep our costs to a competitive rate.
  •  While we almost exclusively perform glass restoration on high end custom homes, classic cars, yacht glass, and other high end damaged glass,
  • we rarely have had other companies who are able to adequately perform the glass restoration without leaving either swirls and haze, or even distortion.
  • When our clients compare the finished result, along with the neatness of our work, we always get the job.  At times, we have been told to start the project BEFORE
  • we have even given them a quote.  Also, we don't give "estimates".  We have been performing this type of work longer than anyone out there.  With the answers to the questions above
  • we can give a very accurate quote to restore the scratched or damaged glass, oftentimes, without even seeing the glass.  We haven't seen anything new in a long time.  Therefore, feel free
  • to call us with as much information about your scratched glass project and we will give you peace of mind but also a very competitive price to restore your glass to better than new condition - guaranteed!
  • When Your View Matters - Call Unscratch The Surface, Inc.


Please call 888.986.7272 to receive an accurate quote over the phone.

You may also fill out our .See our FAQ page for more specifics on pricing.