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much less costly than replacing scratched glass

Contractors and Insurance Companies - Scratched glass repair will save you at least half of replacement cost

When your view matters, Unscratch the Surface will save your company time and money – guaranteed. It costs less to Unscratch the Surface of your scratched glass than it will to replace it. Therefore, Insurance companies and Building Contractors love us! We can cut most insurance claims in half (over replacement cost), if not even more.

East Texas Medical Center – Scratched tempered glass resurfacing project

308 Scratched glass windows and doors
$700+ each to replace
$215,000 Replacement cost

12 days and 3 men
$53,900 Repair Cost
$161,000 savings to insurance company.

Unscratch the Surface, Inc. will restore any scratched, etched or damaged glass surface without having to replace the glass, saving you countless thousands of dollars on labor, time and material costs. We repair scratched glass caused by new construction cleanup, careless window cleaning, fabricating debris and anything else that may scratch your glass.

Large-scale, High volume glass restoration, luxury Homes, and high profile glass scratch repair projects are our claim to fame. We work on custom homes, tract homes, large commercial jobs, tempered, laminated, impact curtain walls, and low-rise and mid-rise to high-rise glass, planes, trains and yes, (classic) automobiles! (And Yachts, too!) We pride ourselves on working efficiently and cost-effectively, with the only "No-Distortion" guarantee on every assignment.

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