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Unscratch the Surface is a scratched glass resurfacing and restoration firm, offering damaged glass repair solutions to clients across the country. Our patent-pending technology allows Unscratch the Surface to successfully repair damaged glass as a result of carelessness, vandalism, fabricating debris, and other environmental factors.

Restoring scratched glass in Los Angeles, CA and across the country since 2005, Unscratch the Surface has grown since its inception and continues to set trends in glass repair technology. We are natural problem-solvers and proud industry leaders, developing our own tools and processes. We are the real deal: often imitated, never duplicated.

Unscratch the Surface: the only "No-Distortion Guarantee". As a pioneer in the glass repair industry, Unscratch the Surface understands the nature of glass and has developed the most effective ways to restore damaged glass. Our skilled technicians accurately access the damage and will resurface your damaged glass in a clean and timely fashion.

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