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Glass resurfacing polishing video – 1 sq. ft. per minute

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Here is a time lapse video we did.  It’s very short only because the whole video only took about 13 minutes, including a 1:30 phone call!  We were testing some new polishing pads, backing pads, and polishing compounds (anyone notice the price of cerium oxide lately??)  The speed is definitely up there with our other polishing combinations.  The nice thing is that this isn’t just a partial polishing like other dry grind systems.  This is completely polished out, no haze, no swirls, no distortion. All other dry grind systems are guaranteed to leave swirls and haze after the polishing step.  This is verified by getting down below the repaired area and look up into the light overhead.  If you don’t believe me, check it yourself.  We have received lots of calls from these other dry grind guys and they always want to know how we are able to get these swirls completely out.  There is no other system like ours that is both super fast and able to completely remove all the signs of the grinding and pre polish steps.  We also receive emails from guys asking us what system we are currently using.  We aren’t using any commercially available glass restoration system.   It’s definitely not GlassRenu, GlasWeld, SRP, ScratchHog, GlassGuru, or any other scratched glass repair system – period.  So if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying!  If you are interested in seeing a demo on a commercial scratched glass repair project, please call us.  Based in Los Angeles, CA – commercial or specialty jobs performed throughout the US and abroad.  “When your view matters – Call Unscratch The Surface”  888-986-7272

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“Scratched glass is scratched glass” – $5000.00 Lamborghini windshield glass restoration

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We had been doing glass restoration for over 5 years when we were called on to restore a windshield that cost $5000.00 to replace!  The car is a 2008 Lamborghini that came in from New York, the land where I was born and raised!  When we first looked at the windshield scratches, they looked medium in severity, as if someone may have had some sand on a towel and inadvertently dragged it and scratched the glass.  There were about 6 – 6″ long scratches that we could easily see.  The majority in the drivers view.  Then we moved the car more into direct sunlight and we noticed long arching windshield wiper scratches also on the drivers side.  By the time we got done grinding out the scratches, we were more than 3/4 into the entire windshield.  So we ended up just resurfacing the entire windshield, to everyone’s surprise, without any distortion.  Grant Johnson, the service manager at Lamborghini Newport Beach was planning on just replacing the $5000.00 windshield when he found us and decided to give us a shot.  When we were half way done, he went next door and brought over some buddies from the Ferrari dealer next door to show off our specialty glass restoration!  I must admit, it came out quite lovely!  We really scrutinized it in the direct sunlight, making sure there were no, swirls, haze, or distortion.  Everything looked absolutely fine.  Now this wasn’t a new Lambo but it’s still worth around $150K so I may have felt a little nervous touching it!  But then after jumping in, I realized that “scratched glass is just scratched glass”.  Once you understand how it works, you can pretty much fix any kind of glass scratches.  It took a little longer than we though but we really wanted to make sure it was as perfect as possible.  So if anyone tells you, “you can’t get scratches out of glass without distortion”,  give them our number!  While this may have been a more challenging scratched glass restoration, it was certainly satisfying.  The pictures really fail to capture the detail of all the scratches we saw in the sunlight but hopefully from the pictures, you can tell they were pretty much all over.  These are beautiful cars that really move.  We just helped to make sure that no windshield scratches were to distract the driver of this Lamborghini.  Enjoy the pictures.  And remember, “When your view matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”   Based in Los Angeles.  Free estimates.  Nationwide availability.

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