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Widespread Glass Scratch Removal + Restoration – Biloxi, MS – Glass Resurfacing

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Fabricating Debris Removal (Resurfacing) Completed – On Schedule!

7,000 square feet of actual fabricating debris scratched glass restoration was completed in 16 days.  All the glass was also cleaned and polished with a special glass protectant.  While we did run into some scissor lift and boom lift issues, we still managed to complete this large glass restoration project only one day off our target date.  Yates Construction is a very large national commercial builder who was very pleased with the quality of our work.  More importantly, the owner of the Mississippi Coast Convention Center was also extremely pleased.  We will most likely be doing another smaller glass restoration project in the near future for Yates construction.   Some of the issues we had to deal with were waiting for the condensation to dry off before we started on a few days.  Needless to say, we always are able to adapt and finish our large scratched glass repair projects on schedule.  Our guys were averaging around 125 sq. ft. per day each.  We lost a few men for a few days because of being ill.  In addition, we lost quite a lot of time because of the lift issues.  The boom lift starter went out on Thursday and wasn’t working again until Monday!

We know of no other company able to restore and resurface heavily scratched and damaged glass at anywhere near this rate.  I have added some additional pictures that show the severity of how scratched this glass really was.

After six days, we are moving along well.  We have a four man crew with two rookies.  Still, we are averaging about 100 sq. ft. per man per day.  We made some adjustments after day three and are increasing our averages.  We had a scissor lift die on us one day and ran into general slow down problems, which usually happens the first few days on these large scratched glass repair projects.

Grinding crew is averaging about 500 sq ft per day (250 ) while the polishing/cleaning 2 man crew is averaging about 420 sq ft per day (210 sq ft each).

Here are a few pictures.