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Scratched Glass Table Resurfaced – Hollywood producer – Bel Air, CA

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Scratched glass table resurfaced

Scratched kitchen table resurfaced

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This was a glass table that was badly scratched that we aggressively ground out the scratches and flawlessly polished back to perfection.  While it took longer than anticipated, our main objective is to deliver the best results possible for our glass restoration clients.  To fix glass that’s this badly scratched requires a level of expertise not easily attainable.  With more experience than anyone in the scratched glass industry, we are confident we can flawlessly restore nearly all scratched glass to like new condition.  The main difference is we can fix glass without leaving distortion, haze, swirls or an uneven finish, as most glass fix companies seem to do.  Experience matters in restoring scratched glass.  And no one has more glass restoration experience.  Don’t take chances with your expensive glass windows, doors, tables or whatever expensive damaged glass you possess.  When quality matters, call Unscratch the Surface, the first name in scratched glass restoration.  We don’t match prices since none of our competitors can match our results – guaranteed!  (Almost forgot, it was Joel Silver’s house, ( Matrix, Die Hard, etc!)!  We’ve worked for quite a few big name celebrities.)


Dining, Conference + Large Glass Tables – We Fix Scratches + Resurface the Glass – Unscratch the Surface, Inc. Flawless Glass Restoration

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

All Glass Tables will Become Scratched in Time – We have the affordable glass restoration solution in Southern California

If you have an expensive beveled dining room glass table or large conference table, chances are these will have scratches in a short time unless extreme caution is taken.  Even then, it is almost inevitable that scratches will be discovered.  The good news is,  as one of the only effective scratched glass repair companies able to completely resurface your glass table, without any swirls, haze or distortion, we can restore that glass table top to like new condition in less time than anyone.

Here are some scratched glass table tops we have completely and safely restored to perfection.

Coming very soon – Just resurfaced a very badly scratched glass kitchen table top for a very high profile producer in Brentwood, CA.  Pictures to follow.  You won’t believe your eyes!


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Scratched Glass – Glass Table Resurfacing – Newport Beach, CA

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

This table was quite unique.  The base was carved from a 200 year old Italian tree stump.  Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent the beveled fine glass table top from acquiring numerous deep scratches.  With this type of glass restoration, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Use caution when removing glass scratches near the bevel.  If you’re not careful, you can change the bevel and ruin the table by creating an uneven bevel.
  • Care must be taken to not leave any haze, swirls, or distortion.  These are extremely easy to see when you are almost always staring down thru the glass.
  • Glass table tops are not usually tempered.  When working on scratched glass that isn’t tempered, temperature must be monitored to ensure the glass does not break.

This custom home in Pelican Hill, CA was beautiful with exquisite views, both inside and out.  Unscratch the Surface took steps needed to make sure the view looking through this stunning rare glass table stayed that way!

Remember, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”

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