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“Scratched glass is scratched glass” – $5000.00 Lamborghini windshield glass restoration

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

We had been doing glass restoration for over 5 years when we were called on to restore a windshield that cost $5000.00 to replace!  The car is a 2008 Lamborghini that came in from New York, the land where I was born and raised!  When we first looked at the windshield scratches, they looked medium in severity, as if someone may have had some sand on a towel and inadvertently dragged it and scratched the glass.  There were about 6 – 6″ long scratches that we could easily see.  The majority in the drivers view.  Then we moved the car more into direct sunlight and we noticed long arching windshield wiper scratches also on the drivers side.  By the time we got done grinding out the scratches, we were more than 3/4 into the entire windshield.  So we ended up just resurfacing the entire windshield, to everyone’s surprise, without any distortion.  Grant Johnson, the service manager at Lamborghini Newport Beach was planning on just replacing the $5000.00 windshield when he found us and decided to give us a shot.  When we were half way done, he went next door and brought over some buddies from the Ferrari dealer next door to show off our specialty glass restoration!  I must admit, it came out quite lovely!  We really scrutinized it in the direct sunlight, making sure there were no, swirls, haze, or distortion.  Everything looked absolutely fine.  Now this wasn’t a new Lambo but it’s still worth around $150K so I may have felt a little nervous touching it!  But then after jumping in, I realized that “scratched glass is just scratched glass”.  Once you understand how it works, you can pretty much fix any kind of glass scratches.  It took a little longer than we though but we really wanted to make sure it was as perfect as possible.  So if anyone tells you, “you can’t get scratches out of glass without distortion”,  give them our number!  While this may have been a more challenging scratched glass restoration, it was certainly satisfying.  The pictures really fail to capture the detail of all the scratches we saw in the sunlight but hopefully from the pictures, you can tell they were pretty much all over.  These are beautiful cars that really move.  We just helped to make sure that no windshield scratches were to distract the driver of this Lamborghini.  Enjoy the pictures.  And remember, “When your view matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”   Based in Los Angeles.  Free estimates.  Nationwide availability.

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Million Dollar View – Ruined by Scratched Glass | Laguna Beach, CA

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

This house was truly impressive with it’s massive windows and stunning ocean and mountain views from high above Laguna Beach, CA.  The residents were extremely nice also.  We managed to repair 26 fairly large scratched tempered windows in 3 days.  However, we had a new guy who was scared to attempt any glass scratch removal.  Too much pressure and no room for error on this one.  So one person managed to remove all the glass scratches, then proceeded to polish the scratched glass.  The new guy, Evan, handled all the cleanup and did quite a bit of assisting but no grinding and no polishing on this one.  He just wasn’t ready yet.  What was interesting about this job was a scratched glass repair company from Orange County, CA,  I believe, also was bidding this job.   It really illustrated just how far ahead we are when it comes to the competition out there.  Now, I’m not at all implying the other glass restoration company couldn’t have completed this job with similar results.  The amazing part was how much they charged, but also how many men they were going to need and how many days.  Now remember,  ONE man did ALL the grinding and polishing in 3 days.  The other company guessed they would need 4 men and take 3 days!  After we started the job we were informed that this other company from Orange County was going to charge DOUBLE what we had charged!  And we gave a price without even having any idea what the other company charged.   We don’t price match or try and beat others prices for one simple reason.  We have yet to find anyone who can match our speed or quality, so why should we match their price??!!  Apples and Oranges!

Anyway, it’s a beautiful house in a beautiful area. The sunsets would sink into the silhouette of Catalina Island, it was amazing.  The majority of the really bad scratched glass was also in the windows with the awesome views.  Distortion was not an option.  There were 2 or 3 other glass guys who attempted to remove a few scratches but gave up and determined they were too deep and there were way too many of them.   We did not subscribe to their point of view!

Here is a quote from the owner of the property I received in an email two days after we finished, ”

“Hey Rick! My windows look so good! The architect stopped by with his students and was in awe. Thanks for being so careful and doing such a wonderful job!”

It’s hearing things like that from satisfied clients that make this work truly rewarding.  It’s nice to be appreciated for a job well done.  It’s about more than just making money.  It’s about helping people solve, what seems to many, to be a problem with no realistic solution other than to replace all the scratched windows and that’s just not a financially realistic possibility many times.  And when you do a job for appreciative people, and get to enjoy the amazing views for three days, it really makes for an enjoyable time.  Work doesn’t seem so hard under those circumstances.  Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did experiencing the views live.  We also hope you’ll call us if you ever encounter any scratched glass fiasco’s.  All we can promise is that you’ll get an excellent job at a truly affordable and reasonable price, completed faster than any other company is capable of.  What you won’t get is, distortion, haze, or swirls – even in late afternoon sun – guaranteed!  So remember, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”

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High Profile San Diego Restaurant Glass Tagged with Graffiti – San Diego, CA

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

When someone scratched glass graffiti into 7 windows at “Searsucker” Restaurant in the Gaslight District in historical San Diego, CA they called the glass restoration company with more experience than any scratched glass repair company in Southern California,  they called Unscratch the Surface, Inc. Los Angeles.  We drove the 178 miles on Saturday morning the day before the Superbowl since Searsucker would be closed until 5:00 pm.  Although some of the scratches in the glass were extremely deep, we were testing out some new abrasives and polishing pads and compounds which were amazingly faster than we had experienced before.  Just when we thought we had everything all “dialed in”, we made some huge leaps forward and improved the most sought after scratched glass repair system known to man!  We are keeping pace with the latest technology, never resting on our laurels, or anybody else’s laurels!  Always striving to stay ahead of the back when it comes to scratched glass repair,  It appears we just lunged ahead of the pack again.  We actually performed a very deep diamond scratched graffiti repair of about 6 sq. ft. in about 30 minutes, complete!  Even thought the glass scratches were extremely deep, there was little to no discernible distortion.  One of the biggest advances we have made has to do with the fact that we are currently producing our own custom backing pads.  The density of the backing pads can either cause the pads to vibrate and bounce,  causing deep swirls, haze, and distortion.  We actually created a unique dual density pad that gives our technicians both amazing “feel” while the work but also allows them to get amazingly fast results.  After talking to a few other scratched glass guys out there, we found out that we are about twice as fast as most glass scratch repair companies out there.  When it comes to large glass resurfacing projects, we are currently able to resurface scratched glass between 3 and 5 times as fast as other scratched glass companies.  I didn’t think it was possible to improve on our system but we did.

Therefore, we hope that if you ever find scratched windows or storefront glass in need of glass graffiti removal or just plain old scratched glass repair, that you will do as Searsucker Restaurant in San Diego, CA did, remembering that, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface, Inc.”

P.S. Unfortunately, we inadvertently deleted the pictures of the repairs before we were able to upload them on to the website.  Sorry.

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Scratched Tempered Glass Resurfacing – Pacific Palisades, CA

Monday, January 10th, 2011

“Scratched Glass Repair? – We ARE Scratched Glass Repair!”

This job looked like fabricating debris again.  These very large tempered windows were in need of some serious glass restoration!  They would catch the morning sun and the only words that came to mind while looking outside were, “scratched glass“!  The scratches were literally over the entire glass surface.  As you can see in the picture, we resurfaced almost the whole window/door.  They were approximately 48 sq. ft. each and there were seven of them.  We resurfaced around 350 sq. ft. in 2.5 days.  A little slower than usual but we had a new guy still learning.  Glass restoration on windows that get early morning/ late afternoon sun have very little room for error.  If not done flawlessly, there will be swirls and haze, only visible in the low light.  When the sun is overhead, the hazy windows might look fine.  We know of no other glass repair / restoration company able to accomplish this type of glass resurfacing that can match our results.  There is also no other scratched glass repair system that can perform at the speed and effectiveness of our specialized system.  We have made so many adaptations, adjustments, refinements, and improvements, that our glass repair system now truly stands alone on its own, with no competitor even close by.  To date, we have never lost a job out to a competitor.  We recently came to the conclusion that, we do not and will not get into a price war with any of our so called competitors.  The reason for this was simply stated.  Why should we match their price when they can’t match our quality?  The old adage has been proved true again and again, “You get what you pay for.”  So remember, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”  Often imitated – Never duplicated!

Glass Restoration Los Angeles – Google Maps page

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”  – For All Your Scratched Glass Repair Solutions

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Scratched Glass – Large Window Resurfacing – Beverly Hills, CA

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Beverly Hills, CA – When a young CEO of an extremely popular health drink company discovers large areas of scratched glass all over his beautiful Beverly Hills home, he doesn’t freak out.  He contacts us.  “We are Unscratch the Surface, We ARE Scratched Glass Repair!”

There was approximately 1500 sq ft of damaged glass. The majority of the exterior had some kind of strange widespread fine scratching on the glass.  Some of these pieces of glass were 12′ high.  Some were only 7’x7′ Fleetwood doors that would all slide out of sight to open up the home to an exquisite view of the ocean in the distance.

Also discovered were deep scratches on the master shower.  This was quite an amazing shower, especially since you could see the outside view while in the shower!  Almost like being outside!  The scratches in the 1/2 inch tempered glass came out quickly and easily without any distortion whatsoever.

The exterior did have a few areas with significant pitting from either grinding or possibly cutting masonry.  This type of glass restoration is a little more difficult and time consuming but repairable nonetheless.  While we did not reach any solid conclusion about what really caused all the glass scratches, we were able to renew the glass to like new condition, thereby restoring the awesome view.

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”

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Scratched Glass – Glass Table Resurfacing – Newport Beach, CA

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

This table was quite unique.  The base was carved from a 200 year old Italian tree stump.  Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent the beveled fine glass table top from acquiring numerous deep scratches.  With this type of glass restoration, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Use caution when removing glass scratches near the bevel.  If you’re not careful, you can change the bevel and ruin the table by creating an uneven bevel.
  • Care must be taken to not leave any haze, swirls, or distortion.  These are extremely easy to see when you are almost always staring down thru the glass.
  • Glass table tops are not usually tempered.  When working on scratched glass that isn’t tempered, temperature must be monitored to ensure the glass does not break.

This custom home in Pelican Hill, CA was beautiful with exquisite views, both inside and out.  Unscratch the Surface took steps needed to make sure the view looking through this stunning rare glass table stayed that way!

Remember, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”

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Scratched Glass Repair Videos – Youtube

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Here are (3)  Scratched Glass Repair video’s.  The first one is a Glass Restoration compilation video with an original limerick

The next one is of a Scratched Windshield Repair on a 1960 Alfa Romeo

The next one is a Scratched Glass Graffiti time lapse video


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Fabricating Debris Repair – Custom Home – Park City, UT 09-29-2010

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Here’s another beautiful home one of our best guys is working on.  Approximately 400 sq. ft. of fabricating debris repair.  Amazing home with spectacular views.  Obviously, the windows get direct sunlight.  The widespread scratches in these large picture windows are very prominent in the direct sunlight.  There is almost no room for error.  If the scratches in these large windows aren’t removed flawlessly and the glass restored perfectly, the view will appear distorted, wavy, and hazy and will also show swirls.  We are one of the only companies in the U.S. that can actually perform this very unique service. When it comes to scratched glass repair and glass restoration, don’t take chances.  “When your view matters – Call Unscratch The Surface!.”

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Scratched Tempered Glass Repair – 32,000 sq. ft. custom home – Gates Mills, OH 9-13-10

Monday, September 13th, 2010

This beautiful luxurious home in Gates Mills, OH, East of Cleveland, found itself with 20 windows in need of resurfacing due to fabricating debris present on the surface of the glass.  The pictures don’t do justice to the detail


Scratched Glass Repair (from floor sander) – Microsoft Store – Mission Viejo, CA

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Rather ironically, about a week after we did the scratched glass repair on the Apple store in San Luis Obispo, CA we ended up doing some glass repairs in a Microsoft store in Mission Viejo, CA!  Apparently, it’s not a