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Glass Scratch Repair / Glass Resurfacing 2500 sq. ft. scratched glass – Kiel, Germany

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Glass Scratch Repair / Glass Resurfacing 2500 sq. ft. scratched glass

When we were contacted about a home in Germany with 2500 sq. ft. of scratched glass, our first reaction was, no thanks!  But when they informed us that they tried 4 other local companies from Europe and they were going to take care of all our expenses and pay us very well for this project, we decided to take the job since we had never been to Germany. The job was actually about 15 minutes from Kiel, Germany, in Heikendorf, Germany.  It was a considerable sized glass resurfacing project but we managed about 100 sq. ft. per day, mostly because it rained so many times and we had to pack things up.  They had glass restoration companies come from The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria to prove they could handle a large glass resurfacing project to their satisfaction.  Needless to say, the client was dissatisfied with the others’ results, both in visual quality and length of time to complete.  We can’t stop others from making similar claims as we do, but time and time again, these other glass scratch repair companies keep supporting what we’ve been stating for years.  No other scratched glass repair company in the world can match our quality or speed.  If they can, why do WE consistently win these jobs?  We have still NEVER lost a glass resurfacing project to ANY other glass scratch company, EVER!   We invented this process and are constantly improving it and adapting it, making it faster and better.  At the same time, we are acquiring more and more glass scratch removal situations that continue to hone our skills, making the distance between us and our competitors even greater.  Scratched glass CAN be restored to like new condition, without distortion, haze, or swirls, even in direct or overhead lighting.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”

Glass repair question?

Kiel Germany glass scratch repair project

Glass Scratch Removal – Kiel, Germany

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(50+) Scratched Window Resurfacing – Custom Home – Agoura Hills, CA

Monday, October 31st, 2011

“Windows and Doors, Meet scotchbrite pad”.  Now, scratch, rinse, repeat….49 more times!”

October 2011 – Glass Resurfacing is when over 75% of a piece of glass has scratches, usually from careless window cleaning or excessive fabricating debris.  Glass scratch removal or glass scratch repair is more of singular or smaller areas of scratched glass repair.  The vast majority of companies that fix scratched glass DO NOT and CANNOT resurface scratched glass.  The latest trend for our company personally is that we have been hired by our counterparts in glass restoration (not really competitors since they cannot effectively resurface scratched glass) to remove the haze and swirls they have left in some glass resurfacing jobs.  This only supports what we have been saying all along, that other glass restoration systems, or at least the ones we designed in the past are not designed for large area glass resurfacing.  We recently completely resurfaced a scratched tempered 3×6 tempered window in 38 minutes, from start to finish.  We are always striving to improve the speed, neatness and quality of our proprietary glass restoration system.

Here’s what we’re working on.  A beautiful home in Agoura Hills, Ca, just north of Los Angeles.  What apparently occurred took place on the interior glass.  The windows have interior wood trim stained and varnished.  What seems to have happened, since no one really knows, was that some stain and varnish seeped under the masking tape onto the glass surface of each window that was stained.  Normally, a simple razor blade could easily remove any stain, and spots on the glass.  Yet someone, apparently took a scotchbrite pad and proceeded to remove the excess stain and varnish from the “edges of the windows” but also much of the central areas of the windows too!  Anyone who has ever attempted scratched glass repair  knows that removing scratches from the edges is difficult at best.  There are about 30 French doors (tempered) but about 20 windows that are completely scratched that are NOT tempered which makes things extremely precarious.  Tempered glass is about 5 times stronger, not harder, than annealed glass which makes it much more resistant to breakage from heat or vibration, which occurs during glass resurfacing.  If all the windows that needed repairs were tempered, this would be an easy resurfacing job.  It’s approximately 500 sq. ft. of glass resurfacing.  So far, we’ve done 7 windows that were not tempered – no breakage!

Glass Resurfacing – What it is and what it isn’t

“Glass resurfacing” is a term that is getting thrown around the internet a lot these days.  Here’s what glass resurfacing is and what it actually means to us.  We use the term “glass resurfacing” when we “completely resurface”  or resurface 75% or more of a glass window or door.  We do not feel that doing a small section, less than 25% of a piece of glass, constitutes glass resurfacing.

Why do we bring this up?  Mainly because very few companies can effectively resurface an entire glass window or door.  Here’s what happens when most scratched glass companies attempt to resurface glass (here’s what you see when you look up into many other scratched glass repairs) .  So far, literally every window we have had to repair on this project was at least 80% resurfacing, plus, almost edge to edge, to about 1/4 and closer to the wood trim.  Impossible?  Not at all.  Time consuming? Yes.  Difficult?  Not really.   But only because we have tools specifically designed both for resurfacing but also for tight glass restoration “right up to the edge” .   Another glass repair company came and looked at the scratched glass and informed our client that ” the scratches could be removed but the windows will look wavy.”   The worst part is that we even hear that from people who claim to be able to perform “no distortion” scratched glass repair!  One more thing I forgot, many of these windows get late afternoon sun and the scratches really looked bad when the sun in on them.  If they are poorly resurfaced, you would still see haze and swirls like the picture linked to above.  So, if you need glass restoration  or resurfacing, make sure to check the “demo” window when the afternoon sun hits it and make sure you “look up into the light” to really examine the quality of the repair to make sure the glass has been thoroughly polished back to flawless clear condition.  Then call us!

Check out the scratched glass pictures.  We’ll put up more as we get them.

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