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Glass Restoration (20,000 sq ft resurfacing) project – Toronto, ON – Canada

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

We were in Toronto, ON Canada consulting on a large scratched glass resurfacing project.  (ShangriLa Hotel)  The job entails approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of scratched glass from careless window cleaning.  The glass is scratched widely and the damage is also deep.  We are working/training only local guys and thereby keeping money in Canada.  We are seeing a great need for the services we perform right here in Toronto and possibly Vancouver also.  Two other local companies along with one from Vancouver performed sample demo’s on the damaged glass but were not rewarded the project.  It’s not that their glass restoration was terrible but there was definitely distortion and quite a bit of hazing and swirls throughout. Additionally the overall speed of completion played into the decision.  This is where we have distanced ourselves from literally all other glass restoration service companies in the world.  When it comes to flawless scratched glass repair, we have no equals, regardless of what others claim.  (ShangriLa Hotel). Nor does any other company in the world have more experience when it comes to high volume fabricating debris glass resurfacing.  This has again been bore out by the fact that we earned this project in another foreign country (Kiel, Germany a year ago) where hiring outside companies is definitely not their first choice but only done when there are no local choices.  Additionally, our process is adaptable to the level of severity on each project.  Other companies can only use what tools they are sold.  since we have always made our own discs, polishing pads and backing pads, we alone are able to adapt our equipment to both the situation and even the user.  All end users are not the same and we are the only company that actually can take that into consideration and adjust when necessary.  This assures a consistent finish and flawless result when resurfacing glass is needed.


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