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High Profile San Diego Restaurant Glass Tagged with Graffiti – San Diego, CA

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

When someone scratched glass graffiti into 7 windows at “Searsucker” Restaurant in the Gaslight District in historical San Diego, CA they called the glass restoration company with more experience than any scratched glass repair company in Southern California,  they called Unscratch the Surface, Inc. Los Angeles.  We drove the 178 miles on Saturday morning the day before the Superbowl since Searsucker would be closed until 5:00 pm.  Although some of the scratches in the glass were extremely deep, we were testing out some new abrasives and polishing pads and compounds which were amazingly faster than we had experienced before.  Just when we thought we had everything all “dialed in”, we made some huge leaps forward and improved the most sought after scratched glass repair system known to man!  We are keeping pace with the latest technology, never resting on our laurels, or anybody else’s laurels!  Always striving to stay ahead of the back when it comes to scratched glass repair,  It appears we just lunged ahead of the pack again.  We actually performed a very deep diamond scratched graffiti repair of about 6 sq. ft. in about 30 minutes, complete!  Even thought the glass scratches were extremely deep, there was little to no discernible distortion.  One of the biggest advances we have made has to do with the fact that we are currently producing our own custom backing pads.  The density of the backing pads can either cause the pads to vibrate and bounce,  causing deep swirls, haze, and distortion.  We actually created a unique dual density pad that gives our technicians both amazing “feel” while the work but also allows them to get amazingly fast results.  After talking to a few other scratched glass guys out there, we found out that we are about twice as fast as most glass scratch repair companies out there.  When it comes to large glass resurfacing projects, we are currently able to resurface scratched glass between 3 and 5 times as fast as other scratched glass companies.  I didn’t think it was possible to improve on our system but we did.

Therefore, we hope that if you ever find scratched windows or storefront glass in need of glass graffiti removal or just plain old scratched glass repair, that you will do as Searsucker Restaurant in San Diego, CA did, remembering that, “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface, Inc.”

P.S. Unfortunately, we inadvertently deleted the pictures of the repairs before we were able to upload them on to the website.  Sorry.

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