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Fabricating Debris – Audible Test – Fix Scratched Glass

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Fabricating debris can be removed before it scratches!


Fabricating debris is the invisible glass scratching menace!  When the slider right next to this one was badly scratched in the same pattern as the window washer used when scraping all the constructing junk off, we check this one for fabricating debris from the tempering process.  Of course it was there but the interesting thing was that we normally sand and polish but we have been experimenting with a one step fabricating debris removal process which shows some real promise. Look and listen.

Fabricating debris closeup

Sample fabricating debris scratches on tempered glass Riverhead NY


Fabricating debris – Closeup

This is actually very big news. The fact that we were able to remove the scratch causing fabricating debris before it has scratched the glass saves lots of time over sanding and polishing.  While we do still have the fastest glass resurfacing process, this continues to make our advancements in glass restoration even more pronounced.  If you discover this menacing debris on your glass surface, call us and we can assist you in turning this low quality glass into premium, totally clear, scratch free glass while removing all the scratch causing debris.

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Scratched Glass – Large Window Resurfacing – Beverly Hills, CA

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Beverly Hills, CA – When a young CEO of an extremely popular health drink company discovers large areas of scratched glass all over his beautiful Beverly Hills home, he doesn’t freak out.  He contacts us.  “We are Unscratch the Surface, We ARE Scratched Glass Repair!”

There was approximately 1500 sq ft of damaged glass. The majority of the exterior had some kind of strange widespread fine scratching on the glass.  Some of these pieces of glass were 12′ high.  Some were only 7’x7′ Fleetwood doors that would all slide out of sight to open up the home to an exquisite view of the ocean in the distance.

Also discovered were deep scratches on the master shower.  This was quite an amazing shower, especially since you could see the outside view while in the shower!  Almost like being outside!  The scratches in the 1/2 inch tempered glass came out quickly and easily without any distortion whatsoever.

The exterior did have a few areas with significant pitting from either grinding or possibly cutting masonry.  This type of glass restoration is a little more difficult and time consuming but repairable nonetheless.  While we did not reach any solid conclusion about what really caused all the glass scratches, we were able to renew the glass to like new condition, thereby restoring the awesome view.

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface”

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Scratched Glass Repair – Pebble Beach, CA

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We arrived in Monterey yesterday and started our latest project in Pebble Beach, CA.  We’re working on some very large windows that look like fabricating debris damage again!  The scratches in this glass have all the