Scratched Glass Repair – Pebble Beach, CA

We arrived in Monterey yesterday and started our latest project in Pebble Beach, CA.  We’re working on some very large windows that look like fabricating debris damage again!  The scratches in this glass have all the

telltale signs of fabricating debris.  Some of the windows are 3′ x 9′ but they are 20 feet high.  Scaffolding is coming tomorrow.  Of course, nobody really thought fabricating debris scratches could be repaired but we have made another fan of Unscratch the Surface!  Some of the windows face the 17th green on the Monterey Peninsula Country Club Golf Course.  Very picturesque.  We can see the huge waves breaking about 600 yards away!  Deer all over, geese, ducks and beautiful scenery abounds here.  We actually will get to play one of the Monterey Peninsula Golf Courses when we’re done!

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