Commercial Construction Scratched Glass – Free Demo – Biloxi, MS

We’re here in Biloxi, Mississippi checking out this pretty badly scratched hurricane glass curtain wall.  Hurricane glass is dual pane tempered + laminated.  In other words, “very costly” glass to replace. The curtain wall

gets sun most of the day actually.  So every one of the windows we work on has to be perfect.  No room for swirls, haze, or distortion.  With virtually every other scratched glass repair system out there, this type of job would be impossible.  For one, there is no way they could resurface thousands of square feet in a timely enough manner.  Secondly, the likelihood of swirls and haze would be highly probable since all other scratched glass repair systems are designed either for single isolated scratches or graffiti removal, but none are designed to resurface large areas of glass.  And for these reasons, we have NEVER lost a job to any other scratched glass repair company.  We get the jobs because we invented our tools and our process because nothing else out there can resurface glass in a timely manner.  When it comes to Scratched Glass Repair and Resurfacing Experts, We are the gold standard, without equal – guaranteed!

We should be starting this project within the month if everything falls into place quickly.  We’ll post pictures soon, as they become available.

Scratched Impact Glass Resurfacing

Biloxi MS Fabricating Debris Impact Glass Resurfacing

Biloxi Scratched Hurricane Glass Curtain Wall Resurfacing

Scratched Tempered Hurricane Impact Glass Resurfacing

Scratched Hurricane Glass Resurfacing
Fabricating Debris Hurricane Glass Resurfacing

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