Scratched Glass Repair (from floor sander) – Microsoft Store – Mission Viejo, CA

Rather ironically, about a week after we did the scratched glass repair on the Apple store in San Luis Obispo, CA we ended up doing some glass repairs in a Microsoft store in Mission Viejo, CA!  Apparently, it’s not a

good idea to run a floor sander too close to expensive floor to ceiling tempered glass panels!  As you may be able to see below, this glass was scratched pretty severely.  It was mostly at the very very bottom of the glass where the wood floors met with the glass panels.  It was quite comical (but not really) to see how we had to attack this serious scratched glass repair.  Basically had to work on our knees with our head on the ground, so we could see what we were actually doing!  After a few hours of this, at night, it starts to get to you.  However, we endured and got all 14 scratched glass panels repaired in one evening.  Approximate cost to replace was somewhere around $100,000.00!  If this truly was the actual cost of replacing the glass, we saved them about 96% over replacing the scratched glass!  Apparently, one of our competitors came in and attempted to do some of the repair.  We knew this because of all the swirls and unpolished glass that was left on one of the panels!  So, when your view matters, and you just can’t live with those nasty scratches on your glass, Call Unscratch the Surface and we will take care of your scratched glass nightmare!

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