Scratched Tempered Glass Curtain Wall Resurfacing Begins 6-7-2010 Biloxi, MS

Things have finally progressed.  We will be tackling a 7000+ sq. ft. curtain wall of tempered dual pane impact glass in Biloxi, MS.  We should be able to complete the massive scratched glass repair project within 3 weeks.

We are projecting with our crew of 4 averaging between 100-150 sq. ft. per day each, we should be able to complete the brunt of the glass resurfacing in 15 work days.  We also have a custom home to do some repairs on nearby Biloxi.  We begin on Monday, June 7th, 2010.  We will be working from scissor lifts so that will slow us down somewhat.  All in all, it will prove to be challenging.  Every project we have ever done proves to have its own distinct challenges.  It usually takes 1-2 days before we get everyone working like a finely tuned machine.   Projected savings on this project over replacing the scratched glass is around $350,000.00

Please feel free to come by and check us out.  With the gulf of Mexico oil spill fiasco going on right across the road from where we will be working, it will be nice to be doing something “green” by saving the damaged glass from going into the landfill  since laminated impact glass (and windshields too) cannot be melted down and reused.  All that can be done with them is to grind them down and mix with asphalt and use for roads.  Aside from that, even if the glass was melted down again, think of how much energy is required to melt down glass.  Melting point for glass is right around 1200 degrees F.

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