Fixing scratched glass – Malwarebytes office – San Jose, CA

Here’s a unique scratched glass situation we did recently.  The company that built out the new office for Malwarebytes in downtown San Jose, CA called us to repair 15 scratched glass office panels.  I assured them there were closer glass repair companies but they “didn’t want to take a chance” since none of them showed much experience or track record.  We stayed right in downtown San Jose which was beautiful.  Everyone was very nice at Malwarebytes and the work took about 6 hours and everyone was quite pleased.  San Francisco is much closer to San Jose than we are and there are quite a few glass fix companies that advertise scratched glass repair but cannot do flawless repairs. Don’t take chances with your expensive glass if it gets scratched.  Go with the leader in glass scratch removal, Unscratch the Surface!  Staying far ahead in glass restoration.  “When your view matters”

San Jose scratched glass repair Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes San Jose CA scratched glass repair
888-986-7272 Nationwide
805-295-9020 California

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