Scratched Glass Demo – Impact Glass Resurfacing – Fabricating Debris Removal

Now it looks like there are 18 scratched tempered glass doors in Tampa that we’re going to take care of right after we finish the scratched tempered glass demo in Mississippi.  We’ve been contacted by a commercial

builder in Mississippi about a 50 foot high scratched glass curtain wall.  Either tempered or hurricane glass but sounds like fabricating debris resurfacing job.  It’s been estimated to be about 7000 sq. ft. of damage of total of 12,000 sq. ft.  We’ll be there Tuesday (4-13-10) afternoon and probably do the demo on Wednesday (4-14-10) morning and maybe play golf after that!!  I’ve seen pictures and it looks beautiful, right on the coast!  All the glass faces the SW and catches the setting sun.  No room for error on this scratched glass repair job.  No problem.

Also, we were contacted by a builder in Aspen about a 35 million dollar home with glass scratches throughout.

Then there is a project in Edmonton, Alberta that we may go do also.

Also we were contacted by a builder in Tampa, FL about a house with 18 very badly scratched windows from fabricating debris yet again.  We’ll keep you posted.

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