Connecticut Mansion – Laminated Glass Resurfacing – No Distortion

This was a challenging scratched glass project.  It was a $125 million dollar home in an exclusive area of S. Connecticut, on the water.  Huge mansions everywhere!  The glass was almost 4″ thick, laminated, from Germany.  It was discovered to be completely scratched, from top to bottom, after the final cleaning.  Since the balcony was built after the glass was installed with minimal clearance, it was impossible to remove/replace these enormous glass panels.  Ironically, one of our competitors from the NY/NJ area hired us to complete these glass repairs.  They didn’t trust their own guys!  The glass wasn’t tempered so extreme care needed to be taken.  We resurfaced 3 panels this size, removing all the scratches, thereby restoring the view, saving tons of money for the builder.  At the end of this glass resurfacing project, everyone was happy, even our competitor!  Another example proving that, while many people make similar claims to Unscratch the Surface, very few, if any can deliver when it comes to high end, flawless glass resurfacing.  Therefore, “When your view matters – call Unscratch the Surface.”

Connecticut glass resurfacing project

Multi-million dollar home glass resurface project

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