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We finally got underway today with the Coldwater Canyon job.  It’s roughly 1020 sq. ft. of  fabricating debris repair. The trim around the windows is making the job take longer than usual.  It’s a specially finished brass

that can barely get water on it without becoming discolored.  Therefore, we have to mask the metal off so we don’t get anything on the metal.

It was pretty warm today for spring!  Must have been 90 in the sun, which was where we found ourselves in the late afternoon.  Anyway, after a very smooth day one, we’re pretty sure we can resurface all 1020 sq. ft. of this fabricating debris damage within our 10 day schedule.  Most likely, we should be completed within 8 days.  Here are a few pictures from today.

Day 2

Moving right along.  Averaging right at 100 sq. ft. per day.  partly because of the metal around the windows, but also because this job has to be perfect.

Day 4

We’ve completed resurfacing 400 sq. ft. of scratched glass that gets direct afternoon sun.  Therefore it all has to be perfect.  No swirls or haze or any distortion is acceptable.  The metal around the windows and doors is bronze with a patina finish.  It’s supposed to last a very long time.  However, we’re trying our best not to get anything on it.  On many of the windows, we’re having to get glass scratches removed right up to about 1/16th of an inch to the edge.  This also is slowing us down a bit.  Looks like Monday or Tuesday, we’ll be attacking the monster window!  The 1500 pound, 14′ x 10′ laminated scratched glass beast! I think we can get it done in one day though.  Anyway, here are some more pictures as we move ahead.  Shooting for completion by Friday, Saturday the latest.  Then off to Monterey and Palo Alto next week!

Day 6 – March 23rd, 2010 – Tuesday

Finished the giant 10′ x 14′ yesterday.  As of Tuesday, March 23rd, we have resurfaced 790 sq. ft. of large scratched tempered glass.  Therefore our crew of  (2) is averaging around 130 sq. ft. a day or 65 sq. ft glass resurfacing each per day.  It may seem slow but another company that came in to do a “demo” window took 6 hours with 2 guys to resurface (1) 2’x4′ window.  One of our guys did the same window in 1.5 hrs!!  We will most likely finish the repairs tomorrow and clean all the windows on Thursday.

Day 7 – March 24th, 2010 – FINISHED!

We actually finished in a half a day today.  Therefore, we were able to resurface 1020 sq. ft. of fabricating debris scratched glass in 6.5 days, averaging 157 sq. ft. per day (78.5 sq. ft. per man)  A little below average but still acceptable.  Tomorrow we will clean all the windows and we’re done.  Another fabrication debris scratched glass restoration job completed.

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Fabricating Debris Scratched Glass Repair

Glass Scratch Removal - Fabricating Debris Damage

Scratched Glass Resurfacing - Patina Finish Trim around Windows + Doors

Shot of the Bronze trim with patina Finish - Scratched Glass Repair

Coldwater Canyon Scratched Glass Resurfacing

Fabricating Debris - Scratched Glass Resurfacing

Fabricating Debris Resurfacing Job - Beverly Hills, CA

Fabricating Debris - Scratched Glass Resurfacing

Fabricating Debris - Scratched Glass Resurfacing

Scratched Glass Repair - Fabricating Debris Resurfacing job

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