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Car Glass Scratch Removal and Restoration – 2011 Lamborghini – Newport Beach, CA

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Professional Scratched Car Glass Repair and Restoration

When a brand new Lamborghini gets a glass scratch in the side window, Newport Beach Lamborghini knows it can be flawlessly repaired without any distortion, haze or swirls.  They call Unscratched The Surface.  While many even in Southern California claim to be able to perform this type of repair, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, we made the 180 mile round trip because we have proven that when it comes to flawless glass restoration, you don’t want to take chances, especially with a $250,000.00 car!  We are the scratched glass experts.  Don’t take chances.  If you need your scratched glass repaired, go with the company that started the glass restoration revolution!  From classic car glass scratches to complete building glass scratch repair and restoration to severe hard water removal, we deliver the only guaranteed results, neatly, quickly, and without distortion, without haze, and without swirls, even in afternoon sun or overhead lighting.

“When Your View Matters – Call the leaders in Glass Restoration – Unscratch the Surface



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