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Scratched glass repair video – Severe scratches completely removed! Ventura, CA

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Glass restoration video update – Scratched glass graffiti repair – DEEP!

Scratched glass vandals seem to be getting smarter these days.  The latest glass restoration project on 454  Main st. in beautiful, sunny Ventura, CA,  was severely scratched throughout.  It was either from a diamond or a carbide.  Either way, you can see in the video the jagged edges of the glass scratch which is usually from a diamond scratching glass.  Unlike any other glass scratch repair kits out there, we are able to grind the damage out very quickly, which is the only way to minimize any possibility of distorting in the glass.  The longer a person grinds and polishes glass, the more likely they are going to put distortion in the glass.  We have been doing this type of repair longer than anyone in the Los Angeles – Orange County – San Diego – Santa Barbara area!  Don’t take chances.  Stick with the scratched glass experts!  Please share this article and video with others.

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