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When glass gets scratched, windows need resurfacing, not replacing! – Riverhead, NY

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Even expensive glass gets scratched – Professional restoration, not replacement is the solution

This exclusive golf and country club in Riverhead,  N.Y. near The Hamptons in eastern Long Island, N.Y. caters to the rich and famous.  They boast a beautiful golf course which I had the privilege of playing at and it was spectacular.  However, they too discovered a common problem in the construction and glass industry, scratched glass problems.   They went with the most expensive glass and windows, which was also the best that money could buy.  Yet, still, because of careless window washers, hundreds of these windows have become severely scratched.  We did a demo and are now working out the logistics of the best way and time to perform the repairs with the least amount of disruption to the members of this exclusive golf club, since many of the damaged windows are in the public areas.  Therefore, distortion absolutely could not be an issue.   Many of the scratched windows have amazing views of Long Island Sound.  We happened to be there on one of the nicest days of the year and it was simply breathtaking!  Looking forward to returning for this amazing scratched glass repair project.

“When Your View Matters – Go With The Best”

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