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Scratched Windshield Repair – 1960 Alfa Romeo – Glass Scratch Removal

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Scratched Windshield Repairs on a 1960 Alfa Romeo

This was a car a body shop owner restored for his lovely wife. First, we needed to remove the scratches from the windshield. They apparently had to run them without wiper blades long enough to put actual scratched glass grooves into the windshield from the wiper arms.  They were told there was no way the scratches could be removed without badly distorting the windshield and view.  We assured him this was not the case with our brand of classic car glass restoration.  We delivered!  Now we do all sorts of classic car and rare glass restoration.  We are able to take even deeply scratched original car glass and make it look as good as new – guaranteed.  Send us your classic car scratched glass and let us make a believer out of you!

Scratched Windshield Restoration – YouTube

Scratched Glass Repair on 96 Kolbe Doors – Palos Verdes, California

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Resurfacing 96 Scratched Glass Kolbe Doors – Terranea – Palos Verde, CA

This was an interesting glass restoration job we did.  This was at the beautiful Terranea Resort. Apparently the painters didn’t use a very good quality masking tape because when they sanded the edges of the trim before painting, they scratched right through the tape and scratched 95 Kolbe French doors!  Unfortunately, the scratches were so deep and so close to the edge, we had to have the trim removed and replaced so that we could aggressively grind and polish all the damage. That extra 1/2 inch really made all the difference between a mediocre repair and a great repair.   Of course, they thought it couldn’t be repaired!  We did a little demo and made scratched glass repair believers out of them all.   No other companies would touch it because of the depth and proximity to the edge.  When it comes to glass restoration and scratch removal, very infrequently do we find any type of glass damage that we can’t fix.  The only thing that even comes to mind was some very heavy welding damage.  Some of the molten metal burrowed so far into the glass that you could stick a pen tip easily into the glass damage!

Scratched Glass Resurfacing – Fast, Neat, and Flawless!

The challenging part about the Terranea job was the fact that all the damaged glass had an ocean view!  Therefore, distortion, waviness, or any haze would show up very badly in the afternoon sun.  An interesting side point.  One day while working on this project, we actually saw a whale and her calf swim right by where we were working.  We were that close to the water!  It was spectacular!  Needless to say, we removed all the glass scratches and restored the glass to like new condition.  We saved approximately 75% over replacement cost.  When it comes to glass repair, glass restoration, and most all types of scratched glass damage, we are #1!  Remember, “When your view matters – Call Unscratch The Surface!”