Connecticut Mansion – Laminated Glass Resurfacing – No Distortion

March 17th, 2017

This was a challenging scratched glass project.  It was a $125 million dollar home in an exclusive area of S. Connecticut, on the water.  Huge mansions everywhere!  The glass was almost 4″ thick, laminated, from Germany.  It was discovered to be completely scratched, from top to bottom, after the final cleaning.  Since the balcony was built after the glass was installed with minimal clearance, it was impossible to remove/replace these enormous glass panels.  Ironically, one of our competitors from the NY/NJ area hired us to complete these glass repairs.  They didn’t trust their own guys!  The glass wasn’t tempered so extreme care needed to be taken.  We resurfaced 3 panels this size, removing all the scratches, thereby restoring the view, saving tons of money for the builder.  At the end of this glass resurfacing project, everyone was happy, even our competitor!  Another example proving that, while many people make similar claims to Unscratch the Surface, very few, if any can deliver when it comes to high end, flawless glass resurfacing.  Therefore, “When your view matters – call Unscratch the Surface.”

Connecticut glass resurfacing project

Multi-million dollar home glass resurface project

Glass Restoration (20,000 sq ft resurfacing) project – Toronto, ON – Canada

March 15th, 2015

We were in Toronto, ON Canada consulting on a large scratched glass resurfacing project.  (ShangriLa Hotel)  The job entails approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of scratched glass from careless window cleaning.  The glass is scratched widely and the damage is also deep.  We are working/training only local guys and thereby keeping money in Canada.  We are seeing a great need for the services we perform right here in Toronto and possibly Vancouver also.  Two other local companies along with one from Vancouver performed sample demo’s on the damaged glass but were not rewarded the project.  It’s not that their glass restoration was terrible but there was definitely distortion and quite a bit of hazing and swirls throughout. Additionally the overall speed of completion played into the decision.  This is where we have distanced ourselves from literally all other glass restoration service companies in the world.  When it comes to flawless scratched glass repair, we have no equals, regardless of what others claim.  (ShangriLa Hotel). Nor does any other company in the world have more experience when it comes to high volume fabricating debris glass resurfacing.  This has again been bore out by the fact that we earned this project in another foreign country (Kiel, Germany a year ago) where hiring outside companies is definitely not their first choice but only done when there are no local choices.  Additionally, our process is adaptable to the level of severity on each project.  Other companies can only use what tools they are sold.  since we have always made our own discs, polishing pads and backing pads, we alone are able to adapt our equipment to both the situation and even the user.  All end users are not the same and we are the only company that actually can take that into consideration and adjust when necessary.  This assures a consistent finish and flawless result when resurfacing glass is needed.


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Glass Scratch Repair / Glass Resurfacing 2500 sq. ft. scratched glass – Kiel, Germany

December 1st, 2013

Glass Scratch Repair / Glass Resurfacing 2500 sq. ft. scratched glass

When we were contacted about a home in Germany with 2500 sq. ft. of scratched glass, our first reaction was, no thanks!  But when they informed us that they tried 4 other local companies from Europe and they were going to take care of all our expenses and pay us very well for this project, we decided to take the job since we had never been to Germany. The job was actually about 15 minutes from Kiel, Germany, in Heikendorf, Germany.  It was a considerable sized glass resurfacing project but we managed about 100 sq. ft. per day, mostly because it rained so many times and we had to pack things up.  They had glass restoration companies come from The Netherlands, Germany, and Austria to prove they could handle a large glass resurfacing project to their satisfaction.  Needless to say, the client was dissatisfied with the others’ results, both in visual quality and length of time to complete.  We can’t stop others from making similar claims as we do, but time and time again, these other glass scratch repair companies keep supporting what we’ve been stating for years.  No other scratched glass repair company in the world can match our quality or speed.  If they can, why do WE consistently win these jobs?  We have still NEVER lost a glass resurfacing project to ANY other glass scratch company, EVER!   We invented this process and are constantly improving it and adapting it, making it faster and better.  At the same time, we are acquiring more and more glass scratch removal situations that continue to hone our skills, making the distance between us and our competitors even greater.  Scratched glass CAN be restored to like new condition, without distortion, haze, or swirls, even in direct or overhead lighting.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface!”

Glass repair question?

Kiel Germany glass scratch repair project

Glass Scratch Removal – Kiel, Germany

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Scratched glass fix – Momofuku Restaurant – ShangriLa Hotel – Toronto, ON Canada

October 13th, 2013

Fixing glass scratch – Momofuku restaurant – ShangriLa hotel -Toronto, ON

Glass fix at Momofuku in Toronto, ON

Glass scratch repair at Momofuku restaurant in Toronto, ON Canada

While working on a large glass resurfacing project in Toronto Canada, we were contacted to fix a deep glass scratch nearby at the Momofuku restaurant at the Shangri La hotel in downtown Toronto.  This was not only a deep scratch but also a wide scratch in the glass.  The restaurant is a large glass cube and replacing a single panel would be an extreme undertaking.  The cost would be over $20,000 with no guarantee one of the connecting glass panels wouldn’t break while trying to fix the scratched glass panel.  Fortunately, we were able to fix the glass scratch without any disruption to the restaurant.  We will be working in Toronto for quite some time on a 50,000 sq. ft. project in some very exclusive, high end condo’s, all with amazing views of the downtown skyline.






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Scratched Glass Table Resurfaced – Hollywood producer – Bel Air, CA

August 1st, 2013

Scratched glass table resurfaced

Scratched kitchen table resurfaced

To contact us in Toronto, please call us at 647-712-0028 from 8-11-2013 thru 12-11-13 or longer

This was a glass table that was badly scratched that we aggressively ground out the scratches and flawlessly polished back to perfection.  While it took longer than anticipated, our main objective is to deliver the best results possible for our glass restoration clients.  To fix glass that’s this badly scratched requires a level of expertise not easily attainable.  With more experience than anyone in the scratched glass industry, we are confident we can flawlessly restore nearly all scratched glass to like new condition.  The main difference is we can fix glass without leaving distortion, haze, swirls or an uneven finish, as most glass fix companies seem to do.  Experience matters in restoring scratched glass.  And no one has more glass restoration experience.  Don’t take chances with your expensive glass windows, doors, tables or whatever expensive damaged glass you possess.  When quality matters, call Unscratch the Surface, the first name in scratched glass restoration.  We don’t match prices since none of our competitors can match our results – guaranteed!  (Almost forgot, it was Joel Silver’s house, ( Matrix, Die Hard, etc!)!  We’ve worked for quite a few big name celebrities.)


Widespread glass scratches – 5 ways to guarantee a successful glass resurfacing project

February 18th, 2013

When the subject of glass scratch removal/repair comes up, most people think
somewhere along the lines of the following:


“If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail (or your fingernail gets hung up in the scratch), it’s too deep to polish out.”

Glass scratch removal will make the glass distorted and wavy looking.”

“The scratches are mostly gone but now the glass looks hazy, lacks it’s original luster, and when I look up into the light, there are swirls everywhere!”

whole window glass scratch removal

Many think flawless glass scratch removal is impossible! For 99.9% out there, it is!

These statements were both fairly accurate up until a few years ago.  Now, there are many new companies that have acquired some ingenious new tools designed to remove scratches from glass.  However, just as possessing even the finest golf clubs does not necessarily make one a great golfer, neither does a person with the best glass scratch removal equipment possess the skill to flawlessly remove scratches from your glass windows or doors, restoring your view to the outdoors.  Here are five things to look for when seeking a company that claims they can fix scratched glass.

1)  How long have they been working on glass?  There is no substitute for time and experience. Always find the glass repair company with the most experience in the field. It’s one thing to go thru a day or two of training and quite another to have real “in the field” experience.  So ask them how long have they been working on glass scratch removal. There is a new “glass fix” US company that makes all kinds of claims of performing jobs all over the world.  100% lie!  Check their track record.  CALL their references!  This one company actually told me their testimonials are fake but they have them for tricking google and the search engines.  Very unethical company, regardless of how good their marketing is.  There is no substitute for experience.

2)  Have they ever performed this specific type of glass restoration?  There are many different types of glass, both in strength and hardness, tempered and annealed, laminated, etc.  If they seem to be stressing that the glass might break or it may have some distortion, quickly send them on their way and do not let them “experiment on your expensive windows!

3) Ask them if you, the client can pick out an area that you would like to see a demo of their work.  Most glass scratch removal companies will look for a few tricks to make their demo appear better than it really is.  Make sure the area gets sun at about a 60 degree angle or else some overhead lighting by the scratched area.  This will show up any incomplete polishing, a common problem with most glass scratch companies.  Also, find the heaviest scratches to really see if they are worth hiring.  And dismiss them if they tell you it’s impossible to remove scratches that are within an inch of the edge of the frame.  Also a sign of an unqualified scratched glass guy!

4)  Ask to see not only written referrals but also actual pictures of them or their company actually working on specific glass scratch removal projects.  Another trick some companies are using is to post different types of repairs, such as, sliding door glass resurfacing or conference table resurfacing or claiming they can flawlessly restore doors or windows with an amazing view without leaving distortion, swirls or haze, yet they have never performed this even one time!  Sounds outrageous?  We have seen it many times.

5)  Ask them if they can guarantee not only no distortion, but can they guarantee “no haze, no swirls and no distortion” under all lighting conditions and also from all angles.  You never know when you may be looking out your window or from where so the glass scratch removal must be perfect from all possible views.  Sadly many cannot deliver or will again make some excuses such as, “that’s the best that it’s going to look”.  If you hear anything like these words, send them away, quickly!  And please make sure they will guarantee to REPLACE the window if they cause noticeable distortion.  We have seen a company from Orange County, Dana Point, California actually RUIN a window with distortion and REFUSED to replace the $3000.00 piece of glass.  Please call us for the name of the company, although they change their name often.  We have cleaned up a handful of their jobs already.

There are other probing questions you can ask a glass scratch removal company but these are good to start with to determine if you truly have found a glass restoration service that will make your glass look like it did before it was ever scratched.  Expect flawless glass scratch removal because it is definitely attainable.

“When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch the Surface, Inc”


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Fabricating Debris – Audible Test – Fix Scratched Glass

February 17th, 2013

Fabricating debris can be removed before it scratches!


Fabricating debris is the invisible glass scratching menace!  When the slider right next to this one was badly scratched in the same pattern as the window washer used when scraping all the constructing junk off, we check this one for fabricating debris from the tempering process.  Of course it was there but the interesting thing was that we normally sand and polish but we have been experimenting with a one step fabricating debris removal process which shows some real promise. Look and listen.

Fabricating debris closeup

Sample fabricating debris scratches on tempered glass Riverhead NY


Fabricating debris – Closeup

This is actually very big news. The fact that we were able to remove the scratch causing fabricating debris before it has scratched the glass saves lots of time over sanding and polishing.  While we do still have the fastest glass resurfacing process, this continues to make our advancements in glass restoration even more pronounced.  If you discover this menacing debris on your glass surface, call us and we can assist you in turning this low quality glass into premium, totally clear, scratch free glass while removing all the scratch causing debris.

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Protected: Scratched Glass Resurface 1000 sq. ft. Curtain Wall – Apple Yonkers NY

July 16th, 2012

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Scratched Glass Restoration – Dawson Cole Fine Art – Carmel, CA

April 26th, 2012

April 02, 2012 – Glass restoration project at the Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery in Carmel.  With a $350,000.00 Richard MacDonald life size sculpture on the inside of the scratched tempered windows, it’s understandable why they wanted the glass to be scratch free, without distortion, swirls or haze!  When the “Glass Guru of Monterey” came to examine these very expensive and large arched tempered windows, they were sure the scratches were too severe to be quickly and effectively polished out.  However, when the Art Gallery called us and described the damage, we had a fairly strong feeling that the glass scratches could quickly and easily be polished out (and for about 20% of what it would have cost to replace!).  Carmel, CA is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

These scratches were completely removed, leaving the glass highly polished without any swirls, haze or distortion, even with overhead halogen lighting and sunlight on the glass most of the day. There are many companies now claiming to be able to resurface and restore glass.  Most of them can improve the glass, removing the scratches but leaving haze and swirls when seen in the correct light.  If there are swirls and haze in the glass, the surface is not smooth and with be more susceptible to further hazing, hard water staining and corrosion.  This is why it’s vital to make sure when glass is abraded, it also needs to be fully restored by high speed polishing with the right polishing formula.  We developed the only system that really works, both quickly and neatly.  We have been incorporating our own vacuum system for months now to keep the dust out of the air and out of peoples lungs.  If your glass restoration company is not equipped with some sort of vacuum or suction device to extract the glass dust from your surroundings, you can be at risk.

We specialize in “extremely high quality” glass restoration and we have the track record to prove it.  We have upcoming projects in New York City, and Kiel, Germany.  Both have had demo’s performed and both decided it was best to bring Unscratch the Surface in to perform the scratched glass restoration flawlessly and quickly.  We are always here to assist other scratched glass companies so please feel free to contact us if you are reading this.  We have procedures in place to assist in large or high end glass repair projects that will assure they are done quickly, neatly, and as close to a flawless polished finish as is humanly possible.

If you find you glass, of any type, tempered or annealed, laminated or bulletproof, dining table or conference table, we deliver the best results, guaranteed.  And chances are very good, that we can do it for less than a local company. Our process is proprietary.  There are no other scratched glass repair companies that possess our technology.  This is why we are the fastest and the best.  Feel free to contact us and inquire as to how we can save your glass.  We’ll save your glass, your time, and your money.  “When Your View Matters – Call Unscratch The Surface!”  888-986-7272

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Nationwide Volume Glass Restoration Projects | Oversell – We’ll Deliver!

March 30th, 2012

Glass Restoration Assistance – Help on Glass Resurfacing Projects is Here

Expert Assistance and Training on Glass Resurfacing Projects From the Developer of the Process – Now

When you come across volume glass restoration (widespread glass
scratches  on tempered safety or laminated glass), no one has more experience than
Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  Whether you find large glass graffiti removal
project or thousands of square feet of scratched glass on some
commercial building, they have been at it the longest.  And since U.T.S.
has developed the tools for the scratched glass restoration process, they
are able to adapt and adjust as the situation presents itself.  All
glass repair jobs are not always the same.  Some differences may be things like,
glass type, tempered, annealed, or laminated, proximity of scratches to the frame, access, amount or iron in
glass or other additives in glass, accessibility to the scratched
surface, how deep the scratches are, what is the sun
exposure and view through the glass, and so on.  All these factors have a
direct bearing on how to address the scratched glass restoration

Large Glass Restoration Project Houston TX

Houston TX Glass Restoration – McKinney Street

project.  Removing glass graffiti without distortion, swirls, or haze from a  laundromat window may not be
as critical as flawlessly resurfacing 6’x10′ windows overlooking Balboa Island in
Newport Beach, California that also happen to have a sunny exposure most of the
day.  Let’s be honest, if the glass never gets direct sunlight, is surrounded by trees,  or has
no overhead lighting, it does not have to be perfect.  Since we started the glass restoration revolution in 2005 when we
were collaborating with GlassRenu, there have been hundreds of new glass
restoration companies that have joined the scratched glass repair
game.  Most have developed their skills using the tools we designed 5 years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Their proficiency has almost always been in regard to the most obvious                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     and least sensitive when it comes to flawless scratch removal, glass
damage.   However,  just as the amateur golfer will not see any significant
improvement in his score even if he has the same equipment as the
pro’s, so goes the skill of the vast majority of glass restoration
technicians out in the field today.  This is supported by something we
have been experiencing more often in the past 6 months.  We have been
receiving calls from other scratched glass repair companies to
either assist them or just subcontract the jobs from them.  The reason
being, that the jobs they had been contacted on were either too large
or required flawless glass resurfacing (no swirls or haze) and they just weren’t able
to accomplish the task at hand in a reasonable and affordable amount of
time.  On one occasion, we went to a hotel project that another company
had already completed but upon inspection from the ground floor, many
areas where scratches were removed from the glass, there was still much
haze and swirls visible from the ground (of this eight story hotel).
They had their best guy attempt to rectify the problem but after 2
days, he was unable to restore the glass to the satisfaction of the
contractor.  That’s when they called Unscratch The Surface.

We are now eager to offer assistance to others in the scratched glass
restoration field.  We have now gladly performed this service for 4
different southern California glass repair companies plus a few in

Reflective glass restoration project Orange County CA

Orange County, CA – Reflective Glass Bldg Restoration

other areas (Chicago, Illinois – San Jose, California and a few for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “glass resurfacing” in Austin, Texas).  We have also been contacted to do a glass resurfacing job in
Hamburg, Germany – Panama City, Panama and also been contacted by
companies in South Africa and Australia to train and license our
technology.  Seeing how this trend has been developing, we have decided
to offer this assistance to all other glass scratch removal
companies.  Please feel free to contact us for further information.  In
some cases, we have just sub contracted the jobs from other companies,
giving them basically a finders fee for referring the scratched
glass resurfacing project to Unscratch the Surface.  This seems to
be the simplest, least complicated way to do it.

Since we are only involved in glass restoration and glass
resurfacing, this is where we are always focused on improving.  We
don’t do window cleaning, like many other new to the game glass restoration
companies.  Therefore we have the time to really focus our energies to
be the best and fastest at what we do best, scratched glass
repair.  We are constantly working on research and development.  Since almost every glass scratch repair job is different or
unique in it’s own way, experience in the scratched glass industry
really does amount for quite a bit.  This is why it’s so important to
make sure when you find a company that makes claims about their work,
that they also at least have some evidence to support their claims.
This would explain why we have so many new companies copying pictures
from our website and illegally posting them on their own, to appear as
if they too have experience.  Some companies have actually gone as far as to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              post pictures with the founder of U.T.S., Rick Evans in the picture, without                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               realizing he is the owner of the company!    So if a company boasts of having years of
glass restoration experience and yet doesn’t have any or very many
pictures of their company actually working on a scratched glass
project, beware!  We have heard and read many bogus claims from many
new glass restoration companies and some have actually admitted to not
having done a single resurfacing job yet they claim that they can do it
better, faster, and cheaper than us!  If you’re one of those companies
and you’re reading this, don’t take chances, just call us and we will
help you get the damaged glass restored without you having to damage
your reputation or lie to your customer.

Flawless glass restoration

Laguna Beach Glass Restoration – Sunset and Ocean View

We have more experience than any other glass restoration company out
there.  We have the track record to prove it.  We’re always developing
better, faster, and neater ways to remove scratches from all glass
surfaces, not just storefront windows or flat glass.  Don’t miss out on
easy money. Start collaborating with Unscratch the Surface, Inc. on all
those large, high end scratched glass restoration projects.  It’s a
win-win for all involved.

Contact us at 888-986-7272 or

Glass Restoration Services available in Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, Miami, FL


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