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Since 2005, Unscratch the Surface has been the leader in glass scratch removal, flawless glass resurfacing, and every type of scratched glass repair imaginable.  Our main concern has always been, quality first.  Many other glass restoration companies we have encountered, especially in Southern California are more concerned with dollars first.  We only know this because of the handful of scratched glass jobs we have had to restore for other scratched glass companies here.  Our desire to be the best has lead to our completion of many high end glass repair projects in such areas as, Agoura Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Pebble Beach, Newport Beach, Waikiki HI Del Mar, Palos Verde, Manhattan Beach, Laguna Beach, Orange County, San Diego, Carmel, San Jose, Park City UT, San Francisco, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio TX, Austin TX, Denver CO, Chicago IL, Seattle WA, Pittsburgh PA, The Hamptons NY, New Hyde Park NY, Yonkers NY, Syracuse NY, East Texas TX, New Haven CT, Orlando FL, Plant City FL, Biloxi MS, Kiel Germany, and many many more locations throughout the U.S.  These are actual documented projects that we have completed.  These are not just a list of cities like so many others just throw on their site in hopes of getting traffic from these cities.  Many of these projects can be found here, if interested.  We specialize in projects that require distortion free, haze free, swirl free glass restoration.  From what we have encountered, very few, if any, other companies have discovered how to accomplish this. However, we cannot stop them from making similar claims to ours. We invented this process back in 2004 and have been improving it constantly.  The key to flawless scratched glass repair is constant flatness maintained throughout the resurfacing process. Any company using soft backing pads, felt, foam, etc. by no means will deliver flawless results.  What you will have, is, a mostly clear, yet "bumpy" surface, most likely some microswirls and haze also, especially noticeable with lighting at about 60 degrees above the glass. (5 questions for glass restoration "experts") This is why we continue to perform extremely high end glass restoration projects for some of the most discriminating clients in Southern California and abroad.  While we are the fastest and the best, we also strive to be affordable by keeping our overhead down.  This is partly done because we custom make all our supplies and materials, cutting out the production costs.  When you find a need for removal of scratches from any glass surface, but also require flawless results, please do not hesitate to call Unscratch the Surface, Inc.  The world leader in Flawless Scratched Glass Repair and Resurfacing.  888-986-7272 or in California, call 805-295-9020  Here is where you can read our glass grinding patent.


DOCUMENTED Completed Projects : ShangriLa Hotel (Toronto, Canada) - $124 million dollar home (New Haven, CT) - Apple Store (Yonkers, NY) - Microsoft Store (Mission Viejo, CA) - Apple Store (Syracuse, NY) - Apple Store (San Luis Obispo, CA) - Petco (City of Industry, CA) - Terranea Resort (Palos Verde, CA) - 2010 Lamborghini (Newport Beach, CA)  - 1960 Alfa Romeo (Manhattan Beach, CA) - Luxury Home (Del Mar, CA) - Intercontinental Hotel (San Francisco, CA) - Mississippi Conv. Ctr(Biloxi, MS) - Denver Conv. Ctr -  Denver Hyatt (Denver, CO) - Prince Kuhio Hilton (Waikiki, HI) - Luxury Home (Pittsburgh, PA) - Luxury Home (Laguna Beach, CA) - Luxury Home (Kiel, Germany) - Luxury Home (Santa Monica, CA) - Luxury Home (Newport Beach, CA) - Bulgari Store (Orange County, CA) - Friars Head CC (Riverhead, NY) - LIJ Hospital (New Hyde Park, NY) - Big Canyon CC (Newport Beach, CA) - Luxury Home (San Jose, CA) - Luxury Home (Chicago, IL) - Luxury Home (Beverly Hills, CA) - 67 Lamborghini, - 85 Corvette, - 69 SuperBee, -  Disney Hotel, (Anaheim, CA) - Luxury Ski Home (Park City, UT), Austrian Consulate (Los Angeles, CA) - Getty Villa (Pacific Palisades, CA) - East Texas Medical Center (Pittsburg, TX) - Lake Dallas HS Pressbox (Lake Dallas, TX) - ATT Corporate Office (Dallas, TX) - Hess Oil Corporate Bldg (Houston, TX) - Luxury Townhomes (Cherry Creek, CO) -   Luxury Home (New Haven, CT) - Corporate Conference Table (Los Angeles, CA) - and many, many more.  No one has the experience or track record we have!  We don't just claim to be the best, we have the undisputed best and largest track record in the U.S. and possibly the world to prove it!  Don't take chances with your scratched glass restorarion.  Let us make it perfect again - guaranteed! " When your view matters - call Unscratch the Surface!"

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